Friday, September 28, 2012

Tight-budget shopping

When “ber” month starts, I usually go on panic buying for Christmas gifts. It’s too early but I guess it’s more practical than doing it on November or December. Oh gawd! I can’t stand the jam-packed crowd in malls. Actually, I don’t much like Christmas. Because that season makes everywhere traffic most especially after work.

So anyway, I already started doing Christmas shopping. Since I’m on a tight-budget, I decided to buy gifts in Divisoria. Oh yes! You heard it! DI-VI-SO-RIA! I bought my gifts there in wholesale so it would be much cheaper than retail. You just have to go there early like 8am so you can bargain the price that you like. People get surprised if I tell them that I usually go there at 8am (it’s the mall opening). I don’t like to stay beyond 10am onwards because the crowd is getting crammed full and it’s difficult to take a ride going back to LRT Recto station.

So there we are, I already bought gifts for my officemates and some of my god-children. Actually, I still have to go back there to buy gifts for our bosses. Their items are in good quality and beautiful. Don’t worry. There are lot of items to choose from and I’ve said, you can bargain the price most especially if it’s WHOLESALE.

Owkaaaaayyyy….. so of course, I can’t stand without buying anything for myself. Haha.. 168 is really famous for a “low-priced”items. Like this one:

I bought this at 2 for Php150. Actually, I and my helper shared at Php150. So, it’s like we bought this at Php75 each. 

I was really happy when I saw this. I bought my dri-fit shirt and shorts at Php1,680 and Php1,200. But these items only cost Php100 EACH. The items don’t look like fake. It’s how you carry it and pretend that you have an expensive Nike and Adidas outfit. Hehe.. I know it’s the brand that you’re paying for but for me, I don’t care about it. As long as it doesn’t look like imitation to me, GOOOOOOWWWWW AND GRAB IT!!!!!!

This necklace is actually 3 for Php100. But this was the only necklace that attracted me. It looks elegant for a Php100 and besides, I don’t have a necklace that looks like this.

The other two bracelets cost Php40 and Php50. But in online stores, it already cost Php150-200 EACH. See how much money you can save from these items???!!!!! It was a great shopping at 168 mall because all items are in low prices compared to mall and even in online store. What discourages me in going to 168 mall is that, it’s really tiring to go there and time consuming. 

I don’t know if this is a jacket or a cover-up. Hehe.. This is from 168 too. I just saw this in one of the Korean boutiques at 4th floor of the mall. This came up with 3 different colors – black, gray, beige. Black is nice too but I have lots of black. When I fit this in gray color, I fell in love to it though I still don’t know what to pair with this. The fitting is very nice to me. I think this was made for me. what I attracted to this is its pleats on the sleeves. It compliments to the inner shirt or dress that you’ll going to wear. The color is very basic and the fabric looks like thick but it’s not. The fabric is very soft and it’s very comfortable to wear. Don’t worry; I’ll blog this once I wear this. Can you suggest something that could be paired with this? Thank you J
This lace longsleeves caught my attention. It seems the fabric is itchy to the skin and it looks like warm on the body. When I fitted this, this longsleeves looks conservative to me. My body was all wrapped with lace and my helper laugh at me because she was not used to see me wearing clothes like this. I always go for shorts, sleeveless, dress, skinny jeans, and sexy tees. So when I saw this and decided to buy it, I realized that I have to get used to wearing like this. It can be paired with lace shorts too. But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to buy one. I can also pair this with high waisted jeans or blue pants and a pair of wedge. Agree? J
So this is it. I can’t let you see what gifts I bought for my friends and officemates. They might see it once they read this blog. Hehe.. But let’s be practical. Divisoria is not an eewwhhh place (for some they call it “eehhwww”). Even the rich people go there to bargain prices. Dressing up or giving gifts depends on how you carry it. Not all low-priced items can be easily broken or not all low-priced clothes or accessories looks like fake. Sometimes, you have to know what a good buy is. You have to learn the art of shopping. You can dress up for as low as Php800. In that amount, you already a pair of jeans, a sexy blouse, and a fashionable shoes. Try to go there one of these days. You’ll see what I’m telling you. J

P.S. the jacket/cover-up and the lace longsleeves were just a gift to me. Those were a surprised gifts because he saw in my eyes that I really wanted those clothes. How sweet. Hehe.. J

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