Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Watsons Hair Products

Everytime I color my hair, I always make sure that my hair won’t get damaged. I usually color my hair once every three months so there’s a tendency of hair breakage – e.g. split ends, hair fall, dry hair, etc. if I don’t treat it. I’m not used to go to salons just to have my hair treated. I haven’t tried any of it. I don’t know why but I’m not used to it. Seriously. I just have my own ways of keeping my hair healthy. You want to know my secret?

Tan-ta-na-nan-ta-nan! My Watsons products! These products give me big savings than going to salons. The picture on the left side is a BUY 1 TAKE 1 product. And for you to know, it would only cost for Php229 to make your hair shiny most especially to a long hair like mine. You can choose whatever combination you like depends on what you need. There’s also treatment wax for falling hair and for dry hair. The picture on the right side is for colored hair. This is not a BUY-1-TAKE-1 product but this product only cost Php100. Actually, I only found out this product while I was buying my hair color. The saleslady just went up to me to guide me on buying hair treatment products. There’s no difference among them. It’s just that the picture on the left side can be used ONCE A WEEK while the picture on the left side can be used EVERYDAY. As in my case, I get easily irritated if I feel that my hair is dry. Usually, for a long and colored hair like mine, you have to use conditioner so your hair won’t get dry. So I prefer buying the Hair Luxe for Color Treated Hair so the color won’t easily fade plus my hair will get extra shiny.


So this is the shade I chose in lieu of Light Auburn. I was really sad when I knew that Light auburn will be faced out. I was really wondering that time why I was having a hard time in looking for that shade. Then I asked the saleslady if Light Auburn is still available. Then she told me that Light Auburn is already consuming it. She also doesn’t know why it happened to be like that. HAHAHA…. If I know she really doesn’t want to tell their customer the exact reason behind it. So anyway, going back to my topic, why I like Watsons is that, Revlon Haircolor products were on sale! Yeheeeeeey!!!! I bought mine at Php345 from its original price of Php395. See the difference??????!!!!!!

Watsons is the place where you can buy everything you need in affordable prices – from beauty products to skin products to hair products and kitchen necessities. The happiest part of shopping in Watsons is that, most of their items are in BUY-1-TAKE-1 mode. J
P.S. Please forgive me for all my blurred/noisy photos. I took it with my old digital cam and its actuations reached its limit. To all photography aficionados, I know you can understand it. J Thank you. J

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