Friday, September 21, 2012


I always tell my friends that I want to have a tattoo. Just only one and that would be fine. I know my parents won’t like it because my mom sees it as a dirty art on your body. But for me, it’s symbolizes something on a person. Like this one in the picture:

Actually, this is the design I want for myself. I want it in a 1.5 inch blue ink. Why this design? “Carpe Diem” means SEIZE THE DAY. This reminds me that I have to make the best out of the day. That I won’t give up in whatever decision I may have in the near future. This will be a constant reminder that I can do anything in the best that I can. Why blue ink? Blue is my favourite colour. People remember me on this colour that’s why I prefer in blue ink though tattoo artist say that it fades easily. And so what? That’s the colour I want. Hehe..
Where will I put my tattoo if ever I’ll get one? I’ll put this at the lower left side of my tummy area. I have to hide it a little bit since I’m connected in a private institution. It’s not prohibited actually. Its just that people may have something to say about me. so I have to conceal it the best way that I can J
At the end of the script, I want to put a blue small star to remind me that I should not stop aiming goals in life. I easily give up. I’m easily get down if I hear something negative about me and about my work. But I should not be like that. I should prove to them that they are wrong and I have to prove them wrong. I did that before and I succeeded my journey. But I have to be braver in whatever circumstance that I’ll take in life. My journey just began and I should not stop taking the path. I’ll be successful in whatever dream I have.
I already have an artist. Actually, I don’t want a male artist so I really looked for a female tattoo artist. Gladly, my highschool batchmate had her several tattoo from this female tattoo artist. I saw her designs and I immediately texted her. She quoted me at a lower price and the thing is, she will free the small star that I want to put at the end of the script. Yeheeeeey!!!!! I’m excited to have a tattoo but I’m thinking thoroughly if I’m ready to have one. As I’ve said, people may say something about me and I had a trauma of being talked about behind my back.
So anyway, that’s it for this. You can define me in many ways but once you get to know me, for sure, you’ll love for who I am. Haha.

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