Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rules to live by when you're in a corporate world

1. Patience is a virtue. It should be limitless.
2.  Be careful of who you trust. The people you think you trust with sometimes can lead you to harm.
3. It’s okay to be friendly and outgoing but always remember to keep things for yourself. There are stories that shouldn’t be told most especially when it comes to your personal life.
4. If you don’t want to be talked about by the town you’re in, then make a boundary for everything.
5. Remember to keep your personal life in private. There are people who are curious about how you live your life. NEVER ever give them full details about how you are outside corporate world.
6. If the boss scolded you and millions of people hear what your boss have said, NEVER ever put grudge on them. They only want you to learn from your mistakes and encourage you to become better than they are expecting.
7. Don’t be afraid to show the real you as long as you don’t violate any of those that were written in the SOP of the company. It’s one way of commencing yourself to your fellow colleagues. Just don’t forget to SET BOUNDARIES for everything.
8. LEARN THE ART OF “DEADMA”. Issues and controversies are enduring in corporate world. There are people who will bring you down by means of sending out different hearsays about you even if you know that those aren’t true. It only shows how insecure they are about what you’ve got even if you’re not exerting effort to get what you have and it only proves that they’re insecure about who you really are as a human being.
9. BE SMART on giving out opinions because there are people who are sensitive. Think of  what you WILL say first before spitting it out.
10. BE THANKFUL for what the company has given you. The management always do their best to give people what’s really for them. 



NECKLACE: got it from my sister

SUNNIES: Rayban (borrowed from my officemate)