Tuesday, October 23, 2012


It was Friday and I asked my dad to drop and fetch me at the office because my car’s wheel got holes by 5 wires and I was afraid to drive it even if it was already vulcanized. Of course, my mom and dad were surprised that I told them that I won’t bring my car and they have to fetch after work because Friday is usually my gimik day. But I felt that they were happy that I’ll be home early since they have to pick me up after work.  So anyway, glad that my daddy decided to go to market on Saturday (he used to go to wet market on Fridays) and perform his daddy’s duties with me. After he dropped me at the office in the morning, he immediately bought 2 new tires for my car and made the tire that was vulcanized as my reserved tire. Awww… I’m so fortunate that I have a daddy like him. He still sees me as a young little girl.

Anyway, I was thinking if I’m going to bring my car or not because I was hoping that maybe, someone will text or call me and ask for a little talk about “US” (I guess you know who I’m referring to) but I was also thinking that he won’t do it since he’s busy on his work or he’s busy with his someone new (Oh well!). I don’t know. Perhaps. I kept on thinking him on that day because I really didn’t know what’s going on with him. I really felt so weak. No enthusiasm on anything at all because for the third time around, it happened AGAIN that he’s been not texting for so long. Anyway, this day, I decided to let myself move ahead on this. Maybe, this is the time to end this because of great differences. People know about this and I know they would understand me regarding our situation. So here’s my first photo showing or trying to show positivity:

This was captured while we were on Lanuza St. in Pasig near my sister’s place. We were caught in traffic and I was thinking since I was wearing lipstick, I decided to take a photo of me with this faux smile. Nyahahahaha…… Sorry, FYI, I’m a little bit vain so pardon me if I take too much photos of myself. You know, I love being photographed and so that’s why I have never learned photography even the basic one. Haha.. And also, sorry for the blurred photo. I just used the front camera of my HTC Sensation phone and the car was moving so there you are.

Okay.. Moving forward. This was photographed in our office. I asked my officemate to use her phone to take photo of me since my HTC Sensation phone was charging. I’m not a professional blogger. I’m just a newbie in this craft so you can share tips on outfit shots. Actually, I want to enter fashion blogging but I don’t know much about it. So please.. I’m open for your comments and suggestions. J

Remember my entry “Pasalubong from Tito Jeck”? That was the COTTON ON cover-up that he gave me from Singapore. Actually, I was just making “lambing” to him for a pasalubong. I never thought that he was going to take it seriously. Until he arrived in the office and handed me a COTTON ON plastic bag with this cover-up inside it. Awwwww….. So sweet of Tito Jeck J thank you so much for this! You never know how you made me happy on this. This is my first ever COTTON ON item in my closet. J

It was funny when someone commented on this photo in my facebook. She actually asked me what’s my secret of being beautiful (awwwww….. so sweet of you, Mitzie. Thank you so much for being such a nice person. You never fail to boost up my self-confidence and thank you for putting a smile on my face that day!). Actually, I was really flattered at that time. I never thought of someone who really appreciates me. Thank you for that. You never know how much you brightened up my day. Being beautiful is not about the looks. It’s always how you are to people you meet. Always wear smile because smile can make a person beautiful. Smile even if you’re hurt because that smile can change what you feel inside. Don’t stress yourself too much on what pain you have because life is too short to dwell on that pain. Stay happy. Everything has a purpose. Later on, you’ll realize why it happened to you. Keep moving.
I used that blue dress so many times most especially when I’m still new in the company since I wasn’t yet entitled to wear office uniform. This dress was from my sister when she was still in NEDA (National Economic Development Authority). It was a government office located in Pasig behind UA&P (University of Asia and the Pacific). So that was a very long time ago and I still manage to keep it. Actually, I already kept it inside a box wherein those clothes are about to donate. Gladly, my mom hasn’t removing it yet. So that week, I was thinking what to wear on Friday and I immediately thought of it. I thought of this dress and partner it with that COTTON ON cover-up. I also thought that if ever I’ll have a surprise night out, I can still manage to look dressed-up even without that cover-up. And there you are. J

DRESS: Sisley
EARRINGS: The Ramp Crossings
RING: LSN Fashion
WATCH: St. Marage
SHOES: Greenhills
COVER-UP: Cotton On

I posted this photo in my facebook and many have liked it. Thank you for all the likes. I may look thin here but being thin remains here. But in reality, I’M FAT! Yuycks! So I still have to go back on working out. Boohooooo!!!!! Many have liked it because of my shoes and those shoes were given to me by my sister because her feet were killing it. HAHAHAHA…. Thank you so much, sister! J You know how much I like it when you showed it to me. I’m so glad were almost the same size of shoes. yay! J

So there you have it. I made my day positive by dressing up like this. You know what I’m going through right now and I’m still hanging on a decision that was never made. I just hope for a better decision. Whatever that is, I’m fine. I don’t want to dwell in my past. I just want to be happy with my life ALONE. I want to do the things that I was doing way back when we were not yet together. I need to learn the basics in life because he taught me to depend on him where I can’t already move by myself. This time, I have to trust myself that I can still those things. I’m not young anymore. My life is starting now. I don’t need to depend my happiness on others. Instead, I have to be happy by myself. My plans will continue. I know he knows it. I just want to forget everything about us. As if he didn’t exist in my life. I’ll move. I’ll let go thing between us. I hope, next time, this won’t happen again; that I learned by mistakes and NEVER EVER do it AGAIN.

I’m beautiful and no one can ever make me beautiful except me. I’ll be STRONGER than now. I’ll fight for what I feel but I have to be smart enough to know what and who I’m fighting for.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Aug, 20, 2012 : Portfolio for CravingFor Make-up

When my friend texted me about this, I immediately agree upon it. I never asked anything about it because this was my dream ever. To put on make-up and to get my hair done very well by a professional make-up artist/hairstylist.

Photoshoot was one of my biggest dreams ever. Back when I was in highschool, I dreamt of being photoshoot for a magazine. One page of me was enough. As long as my face is there, nothing really matters.

I love to pose (well, you gotta check my facebook so you can see how vain I am when the camera starts to focus on me). I’m a camera freak. I took basic photography lesson but I don’t think it works. The photos that I took really sucks! So I guess I’ll be better in front of the camera rather than being behind. It was already tried and tested. Lol.

So anyway, my friend discussed this shoot to me. The shoot will be held at my friend’s house just across our home. Haha.. and I’ll be having 2 photographers. I told my friend I don’t want to have a guy photographer because I might feel odd since I’m just a newbie in this kind of theme. But when I learned that my photographers will be both female, I didn’t make a hesitation to do this. The shoot was going to be for a portfolio for her friend who studied short course for hair and make-up. So as a starter, she needs to have portfolio to show to her soon-to-be clients her works and her capability of giving satisfaction to her customers.

Actually, this was the first time I did a photoshoot like this. This was really new to me. I couldn’t imagine that I did this. For a lady like me who has lots of fats and no curves at all????? Oh gawd! Self-confidence was really boosting! Lol. J But my make-up artist/hairstylist really did a great job! I can say that all my photos were really amazing. She knows how to develop my assets as well as to create something better that will look good on me. So here are the behind-the-shoot photos taken by my good photographers:


So the first thing she did was my hair. I actually wanted to ask her everything about how he curled my hair because it really lasted long. The curl stayed up for almost 12 hours wherein the usual number of hours that the curl of my hair stays is only up to 1 hour. Haha..  yeah! 1 hour ONLY! I already put mousse on it after I curl it but before when before I get into an event, the curl’s already gone. Oh no! Can you tell me how did you do this??? It’s nice, right? I love how it turned to be from straight to curl! SERIOUSLY!

Okay.. So here’s the thing. I told you that this shoot was really new to me and the self-confidence was really boosting! Well, here it is. It was a body airbrush. Meaning, it was a bit nude but it was not pretty obvious. Some were telling me that my clothes were really nice because it was too colourful. Oh well, that’s how great and creative my make-up artist/hairstylist is! J The theme was RASTA. So when you think of RASTA, the first thing that will pop out of your mind is BOB MARLEY. See how BOB MARLEY will join this shoot. Lol J

Are you thinking how did she/they do it? First, she asked me to wear a sando and tie it so it will turn out to be a “hanging sando”. Second, they put tissue and served it as pattern so she can trace the shape of the “hanging sando”. And lastly, she used the airbrush and patterned the tissue that was shaped on me. We were really amazed when she was doing it to me. Just imagine you’re printing a design on a shirt. That was exactly she done to me.

So here’s the before-and-after photo. Look how she transformed me from kawawa-looking to an artistahin-peg. Lol. As you stare on this photo, umm.. As I’ve told you, I was half-naked since body airbrush was done to me. So please… NO TO JUDGEMENTS! Accept art as it should be! Lol. J

This is my one of my favourite photos. I really love how my photographer made me long-legged on this picture and as if I have a flat tummy! J yay! I got to inspired to go on work out more often. *evil laugh* So what can you say about this??? I looked tall, right?

Okay.. so this is it! Say hello to BOB MARLEY! Since RASTA was our theme, she drew Bob Marley’s face and traced it on me. AMAZING! Such a talented girl! Is it look like I still have a shirt on me? Hmmm….

The editing was so perfect! As if I really have a perfect skin as well. I look so thin here! Yehey for this! J I think Bob Marley was emoting too with me. hehe..
Close up shots
I love the photo on the left side. Everybody loves it too. The glimpse of the sun really reflects on my hair and it also adds up to the effect of the photo. Nice job!


This is the most “like” picture on my facebook. When I made this as my profile picture on my facebook, I got 78 likes and lot of compliments. For those who gave compliments on that photo, thank you so much! It was all because of my make-up artist/hairstylist and my 2 great photographers! J

This photo was captured by my good friend, Joy J see the signature on the lower right side? J She told me that this photo was one of my make-up artist/hairstylist’s favourite because she can write something on the side. Great photo, Joyers! J I so love it! J

Again, closed-up shot! Oh gawd! I so love my hair! I wish I could make my hair like this everyday! Please tell me how to do it! J

This is my favourite among my photos! It looks like I have a very smooth skin and fair complexion. I just feel so sexy and I can imagine the commercial “I can feel it” with matching moving shoulders. Haha.. I can fake myself that I’m thin where in reality, I’m NOT! Hate it! J

I remembered the moment when this photo was being captured. I was trying to do a half-smile (smile with no teeth) or should I say a “pa-cute”smile but I gues that half-smile or the “pa-cute” smile wasn’t achieved. HAHAHAHA…. But hey, again, it was carried by my gorgeous make-up and hairstyle! Still achieved!

Hohoho!!!! All I can say is….. I love you Joyers for these shots! You made me gorgeous here! You’re making me sing, “I’m sexy and I know it!”. Thank youuuuuu so much, Joyers! I love you! J
I didn’t get wrong that I bought this pair of shoes. Have you read my blog entitled Primadonna Shoes? So here it is. This was the first time I used the shoes. The shoes perfectly suit the theme. I need to be colourful and it turned out great! Yehey again for this! J

I wish I could have this look EVERYDAY.. SEXY & GORGEOUS! Thank you for this look! J P.S. Can you please beware of my smile? Not all my smiles are true. Some of them are just fake! Haha..

Photo credit to John (thanks John!)

So before I end this blog, I’ll introduce to you the people behind this shoot who made me extraordinary happy and made my extraordinary look. (From left to right): JOY. She’s my childhood friend who told me about this shoot and recommended me to her make-up artist/hairstylist friend to be their model for a portfolio. Obviously, the shoot was held at their house so I was really comfortable in placing myself anywhere there. She also made photography as her hobby since she wanted to enhance it and decided to be as one of the photographers. It’s her passion and I’m so happy that I have a friend who really takes a good photo. Someone will capture a good photo of me. haha.. *peace Joyers* J The girl after me is KAREN but Joy used to call her “Ka”. She’s my make-up artist/hairstylist. She’s the person behind my “wow” look. When I arrived at Joy’s house and saw her, I thought she’s kinda “masungit” and “mataray”. But as time passed by, we got along each other and got to ask her few questions. She also showed to me her tattoo and I was kind envied her because I want to have one. So anyway, if I have to endorse something or go to events, I’m surely hire this lady. She knows exactly what to do. She knows what to do on how to enhance some spot on your body or face and she also know what to focus on you. She’s really a good artist. After this shoot, I didn’t regret any moment of the day because when I saw the pictures taken in their camera, there was nothing to be ashamed of. Everything was perfect! I wish I could always get this look. Hey Karen, please tell me how you did this. Teach me how to curl my hair and how it would last. Haha.. Teach me how to achieve this perfect make-up on me. J And last, the girl beside Karen who wears pink shirt is KAREN too J they’re both Karen and they’re both good with their passion. Karen is the sister of Bambi’s (Joy’s cousin who's also my friend) boyfriend. We were glad that Karen has an external flash and a 50mm lens to capture a good photo. She was using Nikon D90 camera with a battery grip and external flash. I and Joy realized that a camera with a battery grip was too heavy to handle most especially when you hang it on your neck. Haha.. It was quite tiring for a shoot having a battery grip with no tripod.

So there goes out our photoshoot. Thank you for this, guys! It was like a dream came true for me. Haha.. I hope there’s still a next time for all of us. You know my number and I’m just one text/call away. I’m always good on weekends and after work.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Tight-budget shopping

When “ber” month starts, I usually go on panic buying for Christmas gifts. It’s too early but I guess it’s more practical than doing it on November or December. Oh gawd! I can’t stand the jam-packed crowd in malls. Actually, I don’t much like Christmas. Because that season makes everywhere traffic most especially after work.

So anyway, I already started doing Christmas shopping. Since I’m on a tight-budget, I decided to buy gifts in Divisoria. Oh yes! You heard it! DI-VI-SO-RIA! I bought my gifts there in wholesale so it would be much cheaper than retail. You just have to go there early like 8am so you can bargain the price that you like. People get surprised if I tell them that I usually go there at 8am (it’s the mall opening). I don’t like to stay beyond 10am onwards because the crowd is getting crammed full and it’s difficult to take a ride going back to LRT Recto station.

So there we are, I already bought gifts for my officemates and some of my god-children. Actually, I still have to go back there to buy gifts for our bosses. Their items are in good quality and beautiful. Don’t worry. There are lot of items to choose from and I’ve said, you can bargain the price most especially if it’s WHOLESALE.

Owkaaaaayyyy….. so of course, I can’t stand without buying anything for myself. Haha.. 168 is really famous for a “low-priced”items. Like this one:

I bought this at 2 for Php150. Actually, I and my helper shared at Php150. So, it’s like we bought this at Php75 each. 

I was really happy when I saw this. I bought my dri-fit shirt and shorts at Php1,680 and Php1,200. But these items only cost Php100 EACH. The items don’t look like fake. It’s how you carry it and pretend that you have an expensive Nike and Adidas outfit. Hehe.. I know it’s the brand that you’re paying for but for me, I don’t care about it. As long as it doesn’t look like imitation to me, GOOOOOOWWWWW AND GRAB IT!!!!!!

This necklace is actually 3 for Php100. But this was the only necklace that attracted me. It looks elegant for a Php100 and besides, I don’t have a necklace that looks like this.

The other two bracelets cost Php40 and Php50. But in online stores, it already cost Php150-200 EACH. See how much money you can save from these items???!!!!! It was a great shopping at 168 mall because all items are in low prices compared to mall and even in online store. What discourages me in going to 168 mall is that, it’s really tiring to go there and time consuming. 

I don’t know if this is a jacket or a cover-up. Hehe.. This is from 168 too. I just saw this in one of the Korean boutiques at 4th floor of the mall. This came up with 3 different colors – black, gray, beige. Black is nice too but I have lots of black. When I fit this in gray color, I fell in love to it though I still don’t know what to pair with this. The fitting is very nice to me. I think this was made for me. what I attracted to this is its pleats on the sleeves. It compliments to the inner shirt or dress that you’ll going to wear. The color is very basic and the fabric looks like thick but it’s not. The fabric is very soft and it’s very comfortable to wear. Don’t worry; I’ll blog this once I wear this. Can you suggest something that could be paired with this? Thank you J
This lace longsleeves caught my attention. It seems the fabric is itchy to the skin and it looks like warm on the body. When I fitted this, this longsleeves looks conservative to me. My body was all wrapped with lace and my helper laugh at me because she was not used to see me wearing clothes like this. I always go for shorts, sleeveless, dress, skinny jeans, and sexy tees. So when I saw this and decided to buy it, I realized that I have to get used to wearing like this. It can be paired with lace shorts too. But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to buy one. I can also pair this with high waisted jeans or blue pants and a pair of wedge. Agree? J
So this is it. I can’t let you see what gifts I bought for my friends and officemates. They might see it once they read this blog. Hehe.. But let’s be practical. Divisoria is not an eewwhhh place (for some they call it “eehhwww”). Even the rich people go there to bargain prices. Dressing up or giving gifts depends on how you carry it. Not all low-priced items can be easily broken or not all low-priced clothes or accessories looks like fake. Sometimes, you have to know what a good buy is. You have to learn the art of shopping. You can dress up for as low as Php800. In that amount, you already a pair of jeans, a sexy blouse, and a fashionable shoes. Try to go there one of these days. You’ll see what I’m telling you. J

P.S. the jacket/cover-up and the lace longsleeves were just a gift to me. Those were a surprised gifts because he saw in my eyes that I really wanted those clothes. How sweet. Hehe.. J


I know it’s too early to make a Christmas wish list. I just hope that someone can read this and surprise me anyone of these. HAHAHA…. Is there someone out there who has a kind heart that can donate  any of these? Lol. J So anyway, here are the things for my wish list:

1. a brand new car (manual drive)

2. a desktop


4. IPAD 3 (wifi only)

5. a macbook pro laptop

6. a new digital camera

I also wish for my dreams to come true. I know God knows everything about it. I’m hardly praying that God will help me all the way in pursuing any of them. I believe that hard work and patience are the keys to success. Who knows.. One of these days, God will grant me one of my wishes. I just have to keep my faith stronger. If it’s for me, then it’s for me. If I can’t have it, then there’s something better for me.

How about you? Do you already have wish list for Christmas? J

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Are you looking for a branded perfume that suits your budget? Well, if you have instagram, follow sprayforless and there are lot of various branded perfume to choose from. If you don’t see your favourite perfume posted on that account, you can text the seller and ask your preferred perfume. Good thing about it is that, she could do meet up if ever you’re near her area. The seller is from Marikina. Her name is Marie. I asked few questions regarding her online store and she told me that I was the first customer who bought thru instagram. She didn’t post any of her products in her facebook and only her friends know about her business. Since she’s from Marikina, we supposed to meet at Mcdonald’s Marcos H-way at 7pm. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it by that time. So she suggested to meet at SM Masinag to pick up the item. When I got the item, I found this simple note on its packaging:

Awwww……. On my 3 years of online shopping, that was the first time I received a note together with what I purchased J this online seller knows how to please her customer. Actually, I don’t know how she found my instagram account. I mean, we’re not even friends in facebook. I just added her after our transaction. So here’s what I bought from her:

I really love this perfume. I never had this that’s why I tried it. This perfume really last long. I might buy this again from her once it is consumed. Lol. J

So there you are. I suggest you follow her on instagram and check out her products. You can also add her in facebook but those products are not posted there.

Hi Marie, if you’re reading this, I hope this could help to promote your online shop. I suggest that you post all your items in all your accounts so you can have more customers. Thank you for this note. This made me felt heart-warmed J ‘till our next transaction. Definitely there will be next time. J

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Watsons Hair Products

Everytime I color my hair, I always make sure that my hair won’t get damaged. I usually color my hair once every three months so there’s a tendency of hair breakage – e.g. split ends, hair fall, dry hair, etc. if I don’t treat it. I’m not used to go to salons just to have my hair treated. I haven’t tried any of it. I don’t know why but I’m not used to it. Seriously. I just have my own ways of keeping my hair healthy. You want to know my secret?

Tan-ta-na-nan-ta-nan! My Watsons products! These products give me big savings than going to salons. The picture on the left side is a BUY 1 TAKE 1 product. And for you to know, it would only cost for Php229 to make your hair shiny most especially to a long hair like mine. You can choose whatever combination you like depends on what you need. There’s also treatment wax for falling hair and for dry hair. The picture on the right side is for colored hair. This is not a BUY-1-TAKE-1 product but this product only cost Php100. Actually, I only found out this product while I was buying my hair color. The saleslady just went up to me to guide me on buying hair treatment products. There’s no difference among them. It’s just that the picture on the left side can be used ONCE A WEEK while the picture on the left side can be used EVERYDAY. As in my case, I get easily irritated if I feel that my hair is dry. Usually, for a long and colored hair like mine, you have to use conditioner so your hair won’t get dry. So I prefer buying the Hair Luxe for Color Treated Hair so the color won’t easily fade plus my hair will get extra shiny.


So this is the shade I chose in lieu of Light Auburn. I was really sad when I knew that Light auburn will be faced out. I was really wondering that time why I was having a hard time in looking for that shade. Then I asked the saleslady if Light Auburn is still available. Then she told me that Light Auburn is already consuming it. She also doesn’t know why it happened to be like that. HAHAHA…. If I know she really doesn’t want to tell their customer the exact reason behind it. So anyway, going back to my topic, why I like Watsons is that, Revlon Haircolor products were on sale! Yeheeeeeey!!!! I bought mine at Php345 from its original price of Php395. See the difference??????!!!!!!

Watsons is the place where you can buy everything you need in affordable prices – from beauty products to skin products to hair products and kitchen necessities. The happiest part of shopping in Watsons is that, most of their items are in BUY-1-TAKE-1 mode. J
P.S. Please forgive me for all my blurred/noisy photos. I took it with my old digital cam and its actuations reached its limit. To all photography aficionados, I know you can understand it. J Thank you. J

Friday, September 21, 2012

Pasalubong from Tito Jeck

COTTON ON cover-up from Singapore! J I never thought that Tito Jeck would seriously take my favour. Thank you so much, Tito Jeck! J you really know what suits me. It means you really know the type of clothes that I'm wearing. haha.. Will blog this once I mixed and matched this with my other outfit. Actually, this is the first time you handed me a pasalubong like this. You made me smile. hehe.. you’re the sweetest! J Thank youuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!


I always tell my friends that I want to have a tattoo. Just only one and that would be fine. I know my parents won’t like it because my mom sees it as a dirty art on your body. But for me, it’s symbolizes something on a person. Like this one in the picture:

Actually, this is the design I want for myself. I want it in a 1.5 inch blue ink. Why this design? “Carpe Diem” means SEIZE THE DAY. This reminds me that I have to make the best out of the day. That I won’t give up in whatever decision I may have in the near future. This will be a constant reminder that I can do anything in the best that I can. Why blue ink? Blue is my favourite colour. People remember me on this colour that’s why I prefer in blue ink though tattoo artist say that it fades easily. And so what? That’s the colour I want. Hehe..
Where will I put my tattoo if ever I’ll get one? I’ll put this at the lower left side of my tummy area. I have to hide it a little bit since I’m connected in a private institution. It’s not prohibited actually. Its just that people may have something to say about me. so I have to conceal it the best way that I can J
At the end of the script, I want to put a blue small star to remind me that I should not stop aiming goals in life. I easily give up. I’m easily get down if I hear something negative about me and about my work. But I should not be like that. I should prove to them that they are wrong and I have to prove them wrong. I did that before and I succeeded my journey. But I have to be braver in whatever circumstance that I’ll take in life. My journey just began and I should not stop taking the path. I’ll be successful in whatever dream I have.
I already have an artist. Actually, I don’t want a male artist so I really looked for a female tattoo artist. Gladly, my highschool batchmate had her several tattoo from this female tattoo artist. I saw her designs and I immediately texted her. She quoted me at a lower price and the thing is, she will free the small star that I want to put at the end of the script. Yeheeeeey!!!!! I’m excited to have a tattoo but I’m thinking thoroughly if I’m ready to have one. As I’ve said, people may say something about me and I had a trauma of being talked about behind my back.
So anyway, that’s it for this. You can define me in many ways but once you get to know me, for sure, you’ll love for who I am. Haha.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Primadonna Shoes

Everytime I buy shoes, I always look for heels or wedges. I don’t know why I’m regretting buying flats shoes worth Php800 instead of buying 3-4 inches heels or wedges worth Php1,000-2,000. I really go for heels instead of flats. Normally, I buy flats shoes/sandals on sale (haha..).
I asked my uncle to buy me a pair of shoes so he just gave Php1,000. Actually, he was quite worried that I may ask for an expensive shoes. He thought that my pairs of shoes are worth 2,000-3,000 bucks. Awwww….. That’s too expensive for me. Seriously. You can call me scrooge but hell yeah, I really won’t pull my money for that.
So anyway, I was looking for a good buy heels shoes. I went to Market Market Market just to go to their tiangge and go shopping. After stall hopping, I roamed around just to check their boutiques. Then when I passed by Primadonna, I was attracted by their colourful shoes most especially their shoes with color combination. As I entered their store, I felt the store was so perfect for me. Their shoes are very me – sexy and vibrant. I can feel that I’ll find my perfect pair of shoes there.
So there we are, I found the shoes that I was looking for. Tan-ta-na-nan-ta-nan!!!!

My blue-and-orange heels shoes. I can’t call it stiletto because stilettos are heels with thin heels (hahaha…. So redundant). This pair of shoes is very comfortable because the front of the shoes is high so my feet are not that elevated. Wearing heels is very tiring actually. You just have to choose the right pair shoes for your feet. If you’re not comfortable wearing heels and you just have to wear it on special occasions like wedding, cocktail party, graduation, office events, etc., choose a pair of shoes like this especially when you’ll be standing for a long time. Of course not the colour but the style itself.

So going back to my shoes, actually, I had a hard time in choosing what colour to purchase. There were lot of colour combinations you may choose from. I suggest you to visit their store in Market Market, SM San Lazaro, Sta. Lucia Mall, SM North EDSA, SM Novaliches, SM Manila, SM Masinag, Ali Mall, Lucky Chinatown Mall, SM Marilao, NE Pacific Mall, SM Sta. Rosa, SM Rosario, SM Dasmariñas, SM Bacoor, Limketkai Mall, SM CDO, KCC Mall, Robinsons Bacolod, SM Consolation Cebu, and Harbor Point Subic. See… Most of it are in SM Malls.
I’m very excited to use this in a mix-and-match outfit. I feel that if use this, I’ll stand out in a crowd. This pair of shoes is very discerning. Once you use this and walk confidently, people will head turn on you from head to toe.
Wearing heels really looks sexy on a girl. It’s just that you have to stand and walk with confidence and act as if nothing hurts. That’s what you call “tiis-ganda”. Haha.. You just have to be smart in buying heels. You should consider its weight and the elevation of your feet. Some heels are too high and the front of the shoes is very flat. That’s very tiring. For me, that’s what you call “killer shoes”. Haha.. If you feel that the heels/stilletto is very heavy for your feet, then that’s not for you. If you’re not used to wearing high heels but you want to wear heels, choose a pair of shoes with 2 inches heels. Promise, it’ll be comfortable on your feet.
But for me, I really prefer wearing heels. It can boost my confidence and self-esteem. I feel sexier on this. But of course, I always have my flats in case my feet get tired. I can stand wearing heels for 4-5hours only. So it’s a MUST for me to have with me my flats.

Anyway, I got surprised when I entered Primadonna. Their designs really transformed into something you won’t expect. Honestly, at first, I don’t see Primadonna as one of the “good-buy-shoes”. But when Anne Curtis made to be their endorser, BOOOOOOOM!!!! I can now say that their design can be “lakas maka ANNE CURTIS” look especially when you partner their shoes with their clothes line. Ooooohhhh wow….. ANNE CURTIS NA ANNE CURTIS na! Sexy and very fashionable! Plus the price of their shoes will really suits your budget. Prices are ranging from Php1,300-2,000 and the good thing about Primadonna is they are on sale which ranges from Php1,000-1,5000. Actually, I love Primadonna now. I must say I will definitely buy more shoes from them soon. Screaming to death!!!!!!
Take a look at their bag. Once you purchase shoes or clothes from them, as if you’re also carrying Anne Curtis. This is what I call.. “LAKAS MAKA ANNE CURTIS NG PRIMADONNA”.
So what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to visit Primadonna store at your nearest mall. ENJOY SHOPPING! ÜÜÜ

Monday, September 17, 2012

get to know me in some ways

Let me tell you something about myself. I’m 24 years old. I’m a full time employee in a private institution and at the same time, a part-time MA student in Ateneo de Manila University taking Master in Environmental Management. For some who knows me, they get a little bit weird on what I took because the program is really different from who I am. Oh well, the program is very relative to the business sector that I’m currently connected with and I don’t have any regret on what I’m pursuing because I believe that this will generate more income to me. But on the other hand, my closest friends are always telling me that I’m better off in fashion world.
Okay, so FASHION.. Number 1 description of me when you ask me who really LYN is. The people who know me will answer you this and they never fail to be constant in giving answer when you ask that question.. “You don’t know LYN? She’s the one who always dress like she’s always going to somewhere else. She’s the ma-porma one!”. So That’s it. I’m not like Camille Co nor Kryz Uy nor even like Laureen Uy who really dresses well. I guess I became fashion-enthusiast because of them. They are my inspirations when it comes to fashion. I always read their blog everyday, look at their outfit, and check the brands of their clothes. I always do online shopping most especially when I see them wearing that brand. Online shopping isn’t bad after all. It makes me easy doing shopping since I’ll just deposit my payment and deliver the item to my door.
I love shopping. Seriously. I do shopping in my most practical way. I don’t usually buy in an expensive boutique. I just do it often (if I really have a budget) or sometimes I save for the item that I want to buy in an expensive boutique and when I already have the budget, I’ll buy it asap. I normally shop at Forever 21 and I believe that Forever 21 is not an expensive store. I love buying clothes in SM department store. There are lot of choices to choose from. I do love clothes, bags, accessories, and most especially.. SHOES! Arrrrggggghhh.... TO DIE FOR! Will blog my shoe collection soon so you’ll know how addict I am with shoes. Most of my friends tag me as a “shoe lover of the year”. This year is the most number of shoes that I bought and I have to control myself in buying shoes from now on. Haha.. I’m currently collecting flats now because I lay-low buying high-heeled shoes since I don’t go usually to parties anymore. Nyahahahaha.....
Party.. Oh yes! I really love to go to parties. It’s one of stress relievers. I can feel the happiness and in parties. Anyway, I’m still young, wild, and free and I still have the guts to wear sexy dresses, rock my stiletto, and show off what I’ve got. See?! That’s how I spend the life that was given to me. Work hard, party HARDER!
I’m an eccentric but outgoing person. I usually want to be alone for some reason. I don’t usually show off myself to other people except to the people I get used to be with. I’m afraid to be judged for who I am because the only people who understand me are the ones who know everything behind me. I’m hardly understood by many. If you have a mature mindset, maybe we can really get along with. HAHAHA.... I’m moody. I swear. I usually gets quiet and can be misinterpret as well. Don’t be ha? Because that’s just who I am. If I get quiet, don’t fool around with me. Just let me be quiet because I’ll be the one who’ll crack a joke afterwards. I hate to be fooled around when I’m not in the mood so better behave when you feel that I’m not in a “playing time” mode. But I do love my friends. I give them my full support in whatever they do. They always have my back whenever they need me. I’m just one text and call away.
I love reading books. But as of now, I can’t read books as much as I want to because I’m loaded with reading materials for my paper. I love reading books most especially when I’m bored and not yet sleepy at night. It makes me reflect on so many things that are happening around me. Plus, I really don’t know how to speak and write in English when I was a kid. So, for the sake of grammar and vocabulary, I learned to read more and more books.
OMG! I love to be photographed. I love camera! I love posing! Ever since when I was in high school, I really dreamt of being posted in one of the billboards in EDSA or C5 or seeing myself even in one page in a magazine. That’s why I dress up like this because I always want to see myself in the photo good-looking and presentable. I love taking photos of myself. I’m sorry but that’s just how I love myself. Patronize your own! HAHAHA.... I’m still hoping that someday I’ll see myself in billboards and magazines, wearing nice clothes and shoes, and endorsing a product. Anyway, there are just 2 of my weaknesses.. FASHION and PHOTOGRAPHY.
When it comes to food, actually, I don’t much eat because of diet purposes. But there’s one thing that I could eat a lot if you really want me to gain weight... PIZZA! It’s my weakness! TO DIE FOR! Hihi.. I do love pizza. I can eat it for a day. awww.... craving is attacking right now! ampf! I don’t much in chocolate. Swear. I’m not like other girls who really want to eat chocolate as comfort food. I hate it! I feel that I’m gaining weight right after I eat sweets. That’s how I’m OC with my figure. I really don’t want to be fat again. It’s hard to style my outfit. That’s what I’m concern about.
Since I’m figure conscious, I also do work out. I’m doing boxing and go to gym for cardio and do some weights for my figure. I’m currently working out my oblique because I don’t have curves which I really hate and I’m aiming for. I’m also aiming for 105lbs. by the end of this year since I’m currently weighing 113lbs. now but unfortunately, I won’t be able to reach that weight. I’m in trouble of night life as of now. Liquors + cigars + “slight” pulutan = weight overload.
I can’t go out without my 80gb ipod classic. It saves my boredom in traffic. I always go on with the music everytime I drive. Of course, party music and hipsop sounds beat in my car. It always boost up my mood to start my day. I don’t normally listen to sentimental sounds. Only if I want rest up my ears with those upbeating sounds. Hehe.. You know.. I used to go to parties that’s why even if I’m driving around to office, to school, or to somewhere else, party music is what I want to hear for a great feeling.
So there you are. I hope by dropping my blog, you get to know in so many ways. So if ever I start fashion blogging, you know who I am and never judge me. Thank you.
P.S. I’ll start fashion blogging soon. So if ever you want to contact me, just text or call me at 0932-4704417 for you inquiries and collaborations. Thank you.

water + sun + camera + pose

It’s been 5 months since these photos were taken. Well, I just wanted to make an entry about this since I’m also promoting my friend who has a potential in photography. He’s a nephew of my bestfriend. He really takes good photos in different places and uses it in exhibits. Well, that was a very good start of his passion.
So here it is. We had our company outing last April 14-15, 2012 at El Puerto Marina in Lingayen, Pangasinan. The place is nice for a simple outing or if you just want to have a simple and quiet vacation with your family or your loved ones. Though the beach is not as beautiful as what other beach is. It is far away from the resort. That’s what makes the place turn off.
So we arrived there at 11:30a.m. We had picture taking, bonding, and the most awaited part the outing.. LUNCH! After we had lunch, I and Patrick went to the seashore and took a look at their beach. Well, it was 1pm and what would you expect of the heat at the area? Wow, it was really overwhelming heat as if our skin was burning and it seems we were walking on a floor of fire. Haha.. so anyway, I thought of having a photoshoot though I was not really confident with my figure. I was really fat! Oh my! It was just that, my self-confidence was too high at that time and the eagerness of wanting to have photos at the beach was undefined. Lol.
So here are some of my photos that Patrick had captured:

This one has a story. I can’t stand the heat so I walked like this. And fortunately, Patrick captured it without any blur. Wow! That’s my photographer! Haha.. and look at the waves. Its perfect, right?? J

Oh gawd! I was really having a hard time posing on the water (though its NOT pretty obvious. Lol!) because I didn’t want to get dark. I was really staying away from the sun. haha..

Owkaaaayyyy….. quite tired and my skin was hurting because of the heat. So I decided to sit and take a rest. I didn’t know that Patrick was taking the shot of this. My scar on my right leg is really obvious. Isn’t it??

Playing with water was my peg. Happiness was shown in this photo.  This reminds me that I could still be a kid once in awhile J

I so looooooooove this shot and this is my favourite among all of my photos. I feel so sexy and long-legged at the same time. Haha.. what do you think?

Oh gawd! Why I love this photo is because of the perfect waves that have been captured. I don’t like the subject but the background is what makes the subject beautiful. Hahaha…. Look at the baby fats! C’mon! Hahaha….

So you know why I asked to be photographed like that? Its because I don’t want you to see my BABY FATS! You all thought that I'm thin in the photo but you guys are wrong!

This shot was taken at the hundred islands while we were on island hopping. I miss my bangs. Do you think I have to put bangs again or not? Say hello to this chubby one J

So there you go. These are all Patrick’s shots of me. And the good thing about it, I’m really at ease with Patrick being my photographer. He actually knows my angle and how to make me beautiful and sexy J
So if ever you’ll see a 3ckshot watermark, its actually Patrick’s shots.
Thank you, Patrick! ‘till next time J