Monday, September 17, 2012

water + sun + camera + pose

It’s been 5 months since these photos were taken. Well, I just wanted to make an entry about this since I’m also promoting my friend who has a potential in photography. He’s a nephew of my bestfriend. He really takes good photos in different places and uses it in exhibits. Well, that was a very good start of his passion.
So here it is. We had our company outing last April 14-15, 2012 at El Puerto Marina in Lingayen, Pangasinan. The place is nice for a simple outing or if you just want to have a simple and quiet vacation with your family or your loved ones. Though the beach is not as beautiful as what other beach is. It is far away from the resort. That’s what makes the place turn off.
So we arrived there at 11:30a.m. We had picture taking, bonding, and the most awaited part the outing.. LUNCH! After we had lunch, I and Patrick went to the seashore and took a look at their beach. Well, it was 1pm and what would you expect of the heat at the area? Wow, it was really overwhelming heat as if our skin was burning and it seems we were walking on a floor of fire. Haha.. so anyway, I thought of having a photoshoot though I was not really confident with my figure. I was really fat! Oh my! It was just that, my self-confidence was too high at that time and the eagerness of wanting to have photos at the beach was undefined. Lol.
So here are some of my photos that Patrick had captured:

This one has a story. I can’t stand the heat so I walked like this. And fortunately, Patrick captured it without any blur. Wow! That’s my photographer! Haha.. and look at the waves. Its perfect, right?? J

Oh gawd! I was really having a hard time posing on the water (though its NOT pretty obvious. Lol!) because I didn’t want to get dark. I was really staying away from the sun. haha..

Owkaaaayyyy….. quite tired and my skin was hurting because of the heat. So I decided to sit and take a rest. I didn’t know that Patrick was taking the shot of this. My scar on my right leg is really obvious. Isn’t it??

Playing with water was my peg. Happiness was shown in this photo.  This reminds me that I could still be a kid once in awhile J

I so looooooooove this shot and this is my favourite among all of my photos. I feel so sexy and long-legged at the same time. Haha.. what do you think?

Oh gawd! Why I love this photo is because of the perfect waves that have been captured. I don’t like the subject but the background is what makes the subject beautiful. Hahaha…. Look at the baby fats! C’mon! Hahaha….

So you know why I asked to be photographed like that? Its because I don’t want you to see my BABY FATS! You all thought that I'm thin in the photo but you guys are wrong!

This shot was taken at the hundred islands while we were on island hopping. I miss my bangs. Do you think I have to put bangs again or not? Say hello to this chubby one J

So there you go. These are all Patrick’s shots of me. And the good thing about it, I’m really at ease with Patrick being my photographer. He actually knows my angle and how to make me beautiful and sexy J
So if ever you’ll see a 3ckshot watermark, its actually Patrick’s shots.
Thank you, Patrick! ‘till next time J

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