Monday, September 17, 2012

get to know me in some ways

Let me tell you something about myself. I’m 24 years old. I’m a full time employee in a private institution and at the same time, a part-time MA student in Ateneo de Manila University taking Master in Environmental Management. For some who knows me, they get a little bit weird on what I took because the program is really different from who I am. Oh well, the program is very relative to the business sector that I’m currently connected with and I don’t have any regret on what I’m pursuing because I believe that this will generate more income to me. But on the other hand, my closest friends are always telling me that I’m better off in fashion world.
Okay, so FASHION.. Number 1 description of me when you ask me who really LYN is. The people who know me will answer you this and they never fail to be constant in giving answer when you ask that question.. “You don’t know LYN? She’s the one who always dress like she’s always going to somewhere else. She’s the ma-porma one!”. So That’s it. I’m not like Camille Co nor Kryz Uy nor even like Laureen Uy who really dresses well. I guess I became fashion-enthusiast because of them. They are my inspirations when it comes to fashion. I always read their blog everyday, look at their outfit, and check the brands of their clothes. I always do online shopping most especially when I see them wearing that brand. Online shopping isn’t bad after all. It makes me easy doing shopping since I’ll just deposit my payment and deliver the item to my door.
I love shopping. Seriously. I do shopping in my most practical way. I don’t usually buy in an expensive boutique. I just do it often (if I really have a budget) or sometimes I save for the item that I want to buy in an expensive boutique and when I already have the budget, I’ll buy it asap. I normally shop at Forever 21 and I believe that Forever 21 is not an expensive store. I love buying clothes in SM department store. There are lot of choices to choose from. I do love clothes, bags, accessories, and most especially.. SHOES! Arrrrggggghhh.... TO DIE FOR! Will blog my shoe collection soon so you’ll know how addict I am with shoes. Most of my friends tag me as a “shoe lover of the year”. This year is the most number of shoes that I bought and I have to control myself in buying shoes from now on. Haha.. I’m currently collecting flats now because I lay-low buying high-heeled shoes since I don’t go usually to parties anymore. Nyahahahaha.....
Party.. Oh yes! I really love to go to parties. It’s one of stress relievers. I can feel the happiness and in parties. Anyway, I’m still young, wild, and free and I still have the guts to wear sexy dresses, rock my stiletto, and show off what I’ve got. See?! That’s how I spend the life that was given to me. Work hard, party HARDER!
I’m an eccentric but outgoing person. I usually want to be alone for some reason. I don’t usually show off myself to other people except to the people I get used to be with. I’m afraid to be judged for who I am because the only people who understand me are the ones who know everything behind me. I’m hardly understood by many. If you have a mature mindset, maybe we can really get along with. HAHAHA.... I’m moody. I swear. I usually gets quiet and can be misinterpret as well. Don’t be ha? Because that’s just who I am. If I get quiet, don’t fool around with me. Just let me be quiet because I’ll be the one who’ll crack a joke afterwards. I hate to be fooled around when I’m not in the mood so better behave when you feel that I’m not in a “playing time” mode. But I do love my friends. I give them my full support in whatever they do. They always have my back whenever they need me. I’m just one text and call away.
I love reading books. But as of now, I can’t read books as much as I want to because I’m loaded with reading materials for my paper. I love reading books most especially when I’m bored and not yet sleepy at night. It makes me reflect on so many things that are happening around me. Plus, I really don’t know how to speak and write in English when I was a kid. So, for the sake of grammar and vocabulary, I learned to read more and more books.
OMG! I love to be photographed. I love camera! I love posing! Ever since when I was in high school, I really dreamt of being posted in one of the billboards in EDSA or C5 or seeing myself even in one page in a magazine. That’s why I dress up like this because I always want to see myself in the photo good-looking and presentable. I love taking photos of myself. I’m sorry but that’s just how I love myself. Patronize your own! HAHAHA.... I’m still hoping that someday I’ll see myself in billboards and magazines, wearing nice clothes and shoes, and endorsing a product. Anyway, there are just 2 of my weaknesses.. FASHION and PHOTOGRAPHY.
When it comes to food, actually, I don’t much eat because of diet purposes. But there’s one thing that I could eat a lot if you really want me to gain weight... PIZZA! It’s my weakness! TO DIE FOR! Hihi.. I do love pizza. I can eat it for a day. awww.... craving is attacking right now! ampf! I don’t much in chocolate. Swear. I’m not like other girls who really want to eat chocolate as comfort food. I hate it! I feel that I’m gaining weight right after I eat sweets. That’s how I’m OC with my figure. I really don’t want to be fat again. It’s hard to style my outfit. That’s what I’m concern about.
Since I’m figure conscious, I also do work out. I’m doing boxing and go to gym for cardio and do some weights for my figure. I’m currently working out my oblique because I don’t have curves which I really hate and I’m aiming for. I’m also aiming for 105lbs. by the end of this year since I’m currently weighing 113lbs. now but unfortunately, I won’t be able to reach that weight. I’m in trouble of night life as of now. Liquors + cigars + “slight” pulutan = weight overload.
I can’t go out without my 80gb ipod classic. It saves my boredom in traffic. I always go on with the music everytime I drive. Of course, party music and hipsop sounds beat in my car. It always boost up my mood to start my day. I don’t normally listen to sentimental sounds. Only if I want rest up my ears with those upbeating sounds. Hehe.. You know.. I used to go to parties that’s why even if I’m driving around to office, to school, or to somewhere else, party music is what I want to hear for a great feeling.
So there you are. I hope by dropping my blog, you get to know in so many ways. So if ever I start fashion blogging, you know who I am and never judge me. Thank you.
P.S. I’ll start fashion blogging soon. So if ever you want to contact me, just text or call me at 0932-4704417 for you inquiries and collaborations. Thank you.

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