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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rules to live by when you're in a corporate world

1. Patience is a virtue. It should be limitless.
2.  Be careful of who you trust. The people you think you trust with sometimes can lead you to harm.
3. It’s okay to be friendly and outgoing but always remember to keep things for yourself. There are stories that shouldn’t be told most especially when it comes to your personal life.
4. If you don’t want to be talked about by the town you’re in, then make a boundary for everything.
5. Remember to keep your personal life in private. There are people who are curious about how you live your life. NEVER ever give them full details about how you are outside corporate world.
6. If the boss scolded you and millions of people hear what your boss have said, NEVER ever put grudge on them. They only want you to learn from your mistakes and encourage you to become better than they are expecting.
7. Don’t be afraid to show the real you as long as you don’t violate any of those that were written in the SOP of the company. It’s one way of commencing yourself to your fellow colleagues. Just don’t forget to SET BOUNDARIES for everything.
8. LEARN THE ART OF “DEADMA”. Issues and controversies are enduring in corporate world. There are people who will bring you down by means of sending out different hearsays about you even if you know that those aren’t true. It only shows how insecure they are about what you’ve got even if you’re not exerting effort to get what you have and it only proves that they’re insecure about who you really are as a human being.
9. BE SMART on giving out opinions because there are people who are sensitive. Think of  what you WILL say first before spitting it out.
10. BE THANKFUL for what the company has given you. The management always do their best to give people what’s really for them. 



NECKLACE: got it from my sister

SUNNIES: Rayban (borrowed from my officemate)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Challenges: It's what makes us who we are today

CARDIGAN (old): Folded & Hung
Sometimes in our lives, we need to make choices that we think best for us. Maybe those choices could hurt people but it’s the best way to save them from unwanted circumstances or maybe we’re not yet ready to commit to a “yes” because of some personal reasons that people don’t understand it. Some people say “yes” and just go with flow and see what the fate could bring them. But for me, most of the time I say “no” because I’m not yet fulfilled with what I have right now because I believe that this life that has given me has more to offer in which some people won’t accept what truly inside my heart. Everything has its perfect timing. We can’t force it to happen because the outcome won’t be as good as what we’re expecting and that’s what I've been trying to explain to people who don’t understand me.

Challenges molded me as to whom and what I am right now. I never thought that I could survive the most challenging part of my history. I believe in the saying “everything has a purpose”. Sometimes it makes us to be someone whom we thought we couldn't be and most of the time, it breaks us so we could learn from what we experience which is not right. The road that I've taken wasn't easy. Believe me. I guess it was the worst scenario one could ever have. Time flies so fast but the memories are still sticking to the board full of life lessons. I’m not academically good. I failed in my tests and recitations during my elementary and high school days and it equalized to the life lessons that I learned with those challenges.

I don’t judge people because I don’t want to be judged. I don’t have the right to criticize how other people act as they are because they have their own reasons why they choose to be as what and who they are. Sometimes, my patience comes to the boiling point of getting pissed off because of how insensitive people are. They keep on cracking words that they don’t think it could break people’s heart. I wish I could also be like them so I could also guard my ego but unfortunately, I couldn't do it because I don’t want to hurt them most especially when I consider a person very dear to me. But that’s the challenge – to hold my emotion of getting infuriated.
TOP: @AmazingGracePH (Instagram)
BELT: Robinson’s Deparment Store

When those unwanted circumstances welcomed me, I honestly pushed the button of giving up. But what changed my mind was the people who truly care for me. I came to a realization then that God gives you the people you need instead of the people you want. God is there to provide what is necessity for us because He knows what’s best for us. He’ll let us experience first some adversities in order for us to be prepared for the upcoming events in lieu of a favor. Let’s admit that we’re only human and we keep on asking about the existence of God. But did you ever tried to look at the brighter side of every circumstance that happened to you? Try to look at the positive side of the situation and be optimistic. It may be difficult in the beginning but you’ll thank God that it happened.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Out and About: January 2014

These photos were taken during my birthday last January 4 at Prime Upscale Club in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. I wasn’t supposed to celebrate my birthday at the said club but because of the electrifying remixes that dj’s offer to their crowd plus the laser lights that pass to everyone’s reflection as the crowd gets free and wild, I can’t resist to give it a shot and hit the dance floor with my coolest friends in town.

Presenting.. Our most favourite to invite during our out and about! Say hello to Mr. Jack Daniel’s!

I love how my friends support me in everything I do. I love how they let me feel that it’s okay to fall down because they are just there to back me up even if we don’t see that much. I love how they accept for who I am as well as my choices in all aspect in life. Yes, we may have “inisan” and “tampuhan” but it all ends there. We’re still friends after all. I love them and they are the coolest and truest friends in town!
P.S. I want to extend my gratitude to Aireen and Joy for taking photos for me. All these photos came from their iphones except for the cap photo.

A snapback cap from Hongkong as a surprised gift from my beloved childhood friends, Joy and John. I remember when I told John that I’ll ask him to buy a Hurley snapback cap for me when he return a visit in the U.S. because I got to like to wear his cap when I still have that Rapunzel hair. Surprisingly, the moment when Joy and John landed their plane here in Manila from Hongkong, Joy texted me that they have a gift for me that I’ll surely like it. When we were about to go tour destination on this night, they handed me this but unfortunately, I can’t wear it since it didn’t match my outfit. LOL! But hey, I was really happy because there were these 2 of my closest friends who really know me so well.

Monday, March 3, 2014

I can see happiness in Black & White

A person learns from failure than from success and failure shouldn’t be a hindrance towards success because it builds ones’ character. I always ask for strength from the Man up above and guess what.. He gave me difficulties to make me stronger. I came across countless of gruesome challenges and even number of heartbreaks because of the stubbornness that my family and loved ones always reminding me. It’s not wrong to run after what makes you happy but it’s also your responsible of what will be the upshot of every choice that you’ll make.

They say everything happens for a reason. That’s one thing that really stuck in my head. Every time I feel bad for myself, I always think of it the other way around. Being negative about the things around us doesn’t make us feel good. Chill. Everything too shall pass. All negative circumstances are just temporary but being happy should be permanent. If one door closes, another one opens. It takes time but it will surely worth the wait.
G-SHOCK ILLUMINATOR: @ishop4less (Instagram)

NECKLACE:  Bazaar at World Trade Center
When things go wrong, always remember that it won’t always be that way. Settling negative circumstances should be taken one step at a time and we should always start settling the most little thing that affects the negativity because we will realize when it starts descending everything into the right place. It takes time to realize everything but that’s how the world revolves around the protons and electrons in the universe. If you keep on dwelling on the negativities around you, it will surely be attracted to you even more. So choose to dwell with it lightly but surely.

On the other hand, when things go right, always remember that it won’t also stay that way always. So we should always cherish and enjoy every great moment that we have because it will only roll up to us once in our lifetime. Always believe that something wonderful is bound to happen each and every day as we deal numerous things in our daily life. No one is entitled for our own happiness except us and so we should always make the most out of it. Life is too short to dwell on too much negativity. Let’s love every minute of staying alive and enjoy the life that God has given to us because life features the challenges that can transform us into someone we never expected to be. We learn from failures than success. Failure shouldn't be a hindrance in attaining our success because failure builds one’s character. I also believe that one of the most courageous decisions we’ll ever make is to finally let go of what is hurting our heart and soul. That starts our happiness.
BELT: Nava
 TOP: Bazaar
PANTS: Belle York

So before I end this very scholastic post, I would like to thank my photographer, Patrick of 3ckshot, for making these photos look good even if we had little time of taking these outfit shots as he used Camera360 application from my Samsung Note 2.

Monday, February 3, 2014

All I want is HAPPINESS

Have you ever caught yourself screwing emotionally and mentally to the most appalling state of affair that you thought you won’t be able to rise and wake up to your beliefs and dreams without the one you thought you’ll be sharing half of your life with?  Have you ever found yourself to be put on trial wherein you were searching for that kind of bliss that you have felt once in your lifetime? Have you ever thought that you wouldn’t find that happiness anymore that you have felt once with that person because that person is trying to pull down your energy in coping with the twinge that that person gave you? If yes, then maybe you can relate with me.
When we thought that we already found the one, whom we see to be perfect for us, we tend to give all ourselves no matter what people say about it. We close our eyes even if we know where the rapport will fall and close our ears even if we know what we should hear. Instead, we settle on something that could make us the happiest because of the thought of “HE/SHE’S THE ONE”.

I thought I already found the “right one” for me. I learned how to fight for love in which, I haven’t done it since I had my first relationship. I lost myself as I walk at a street called “LOVE”. I didn’t know where I was going until I found myself in the middle of the highway, waiting for someone to come back to me and enjoy the ride ONCE AGAIN until I realized that I was just waiting for nothing. Promises were made ONCE AGAIN and I trusted that person whole-heartedly but AGAIN, that “trust” with that person became pieces until those pieces cannot be found completely.
That's why these past few days, I prefer to be alone. I’d rather stay in my room, watch my favourite tv show, read books, fix my room mess, daydream about my aspirations, and think of my mistakes that I carried out throughout the year. Being alone does not mean you’re detaching yourself from all the people you used to be around with or things that you used to do. No. For me, it is one way of giving time to get to know yourself better and deeper in such a way that you will know your strengths and weaknesses as well as your limitations.
I prefer to be alone so no one will impair me. I’m too weak to be impaired. People see me as a tough-kind-of-person but I do easily breakdown. I’m sensitive enough most especially when people condemn me for who I am not. I'm tired of everything - people's accusation, degrading words from the people you love and trust, and waiting for nothing for those promises that have been laid to me.

BELT: Herbench

GOLD CHUNKY NECKLACE: @lovewhowhatwear (instagram)

So what I want to achieve right now is the happiness inside and out. I want to feel the inner peace that I have been wanting ever since the pain started. I already prayed several times for it but I don’t know why God doesn’t granting it to me yet. I know He has reasons why He’s giving me this kind of challenge. I want to see positivity in every circumstance that’s happening in my life so I should say – the pain that I have been feeling right now can’t compare to the joy that’s coming – and I’m actually excited for it. So now, I opt to be happy and stay as positive as I can be.
PANTS: Herbench


ILET WHITE BLOUSE: @classyfilipina (instagram)

WEDGE SHOES: Collective.Com c/o Zalora
So anyway, my feelings are quite bipolar nowadays. One day I’m happy. One day I’m sad and worried. But what I’m really thanking for is the people who stand by me no matter how affluent and underclass my feelings get. I know these people already exceeded their patience on understanding me everytime I feel that the world is on my back since I dwell too much on the sad stories of my life instead of the happy ones. These people also taught me how to let go of the things that causes my hatred and sadness so I could stay away myself from the opposite extremities.

I decided to let go because I want to be happy. I guess that should be the start of reaching the happiness from within. I decided to love myself because I’m done with letting people mortify the heart and mind of my soul. They already conquered the buoyancy and confidence that I gathered after a deep-type of incident that once happened in my life. In short, they won and I lost the game. I really do admit it.
That’s why this time, the decision that has been made by this weakened soul will remain a decision and never look back to where I have been. I fell and stumbled and so, I choose to pursue my dream because I believe that I’ll find my happiness in whatever my heart says. The universe has proven to me thousands of time that the evidences of what I used to believe in were the reality that I should be facing in. We can look back at the past but we can never repeat it. We can’t ever regret the things that once made us happy. All we need to do is to be thankful that all those things have happened and that’s the end of the story.

It was difficult for me to say goodbye to once I had but it’ll be better for myself as well to start a new beginning and say hello to a new me. I know to myself that I let the gravity pull the effort to my extent but all these effort are also bound to end. I don’t have to compel one to be devoted to me. All I want is someone who knows how to respect an individual and someone who knows how to define what “TRUE LOVE” means.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Black Kimono Fashion

I started reading fashion blogs last 2011 since photography and online shops bloomed in social network industry. I never imagined that I will get hook on this until I found myself reading tons of fashion blogs before I lay myself on paper works in the morning and before I go to sleep at night. In line with that, I also started buying different stuff from online shops since it is hassle-free for me, that even if I am just sitting in a coffee shop or resting myself from the papers of our stockholders, I can still shop without stressing myself from traffic and mass of people that I have to deal with in the mall. I just have to check their albums, inquire my chosen product, send an order form, make payment option, deliver the item, then tadah!!!!! My chosen item is already with me. See what advantages an online shop can do for shoppers like me!

 I never get sick and tired of reading fashion blogs and see how fashion bloggers make poses. If you ask people who I really am, they will tell you this with matching hilarious facial expression, “naku, wag mong papakitaan ng camera yan. Magpopose yan ng magpopose!” It is not that I imitate fashion bloggers’ poses. I have this blog because I want to present myself to the world who I really am and I want to show you what my passion really is. I am who I am. This is how I express myself – through FASHION. I may not be good intellectually but this is all I can show you. I am starting to do this because this is what I love, this is what in my heart.

When I checked Ms. Charlene Ajose's blog, I saw her photoshoot in collaboration with Fash Ion F Inders. That was the time I saw this Kimono top but I opted not to purchase this. Instead, I purchased other stuff and surprisingly, they have a 10% discount on shipping plus a surprise gift if I buy 2 items. So I checked again their album to see if I can still purchase one but still, I didn’t opt to buy this top. After I sent an order form, I asked her about Ms. Charlene. I already talked to Ms. Charlene via email because I was inquiring about the layout on my blog (by the way, Ms. Charlene is not only a blogger. She is also a nursing student and a layout artist. See how great she is in pursuing her passion!). I saw her in Trinoma 2 to 3 months ago and she was quite near to me. I was about to say hi to her but I was too shy to greet her. That is how Ms. Cris of Fash Ion F Inders and I started the conversation. Then I also mentioned to Ms. Cris that I wanted to engage in fashion through blogging since I am fond of buying stuff from online shops and make poses. She encouraged me to chase my dream. I never imagined how someone who does not know me personally could give me confidence and support in doing this craft. So when I received the items that I bought from her, I was really surprised that the items that I kept on asking her if those were still available will arrive to me for FREE. I guess those 2 items for FREE were the surprise gift that she has been telling to me. Teeeeeheeeee.....

                                           BLACK INNER TOP:  Mango

I ended my 2013 with a wish. I hardly wished for something, and that is to pursue my passion. I believe that doing what makes you happy will lead you to success. Perhaps some of you are laughing at me, whispering ear to ear about how trying hard I am on getting on this craft. But for me, I will not ask for a spotlight or a name to be included in the internet and newspapers. Doing my passion is enough and I would like to thank all the people who build my confidence to start. Ms. Cris, if you are reading this, you know how much thankful I am for the confidence that you are bringing to me. Thank you so much for the support and trust that you gave me even if we do not know each other. I can’t thank you enough! Really! I promise to continue this even if criticisms are about to come my way and I won’t stop on doing this. I will do my very best for this blog to be better. Thank you so much!