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Aug, 20, 2012 : Portfolio for CravingFor Make-up

When my friend texted me about this, I immediately agree upon it. I never asked anything about it because this was my dream ever. To put on make-up and to get my hair done very well by a professional make-up artist/hairstylist.

Photoshoot was one of my biggest dreams ever. Back when I was in highschool, I dreamt of being photoshoot for a magazine. One page of me was enough. As long as my face is there, nothing really matters.

I love to pose (well, you gotta check my facebook so you can see how vain I am when the camera starts to focus on me). I’m a camera freak. I took basic photography lesson but I don’t think it works. The photos that I took really sucks! So I guess I’ll be better in front of the camera rather than being behind. It was already tried and tested. Lol.

So anyway, my friend discussed this shoot to me. The shoot will be held at my friend’s house just across our home. Haha.. and I’ll be having 2 photographers. I told my friend I don’t want to have a guy photographer because I might feel odd since I’m just a newbie in this kind of theme. But when I learned that my photographers will be both female, I didn’t make a hesitation to do this. The shoot was going to be for a portfolio for her friend who studied short course for hair and make-up. So as a starter, she needs to have portfolio to show to her soon-to-be clients her works and her capability of giving satisfaction to her customers.

Actually, this was the first time I did a photoshoot like this. This was really new to me. I couldn’t imagine that I did this. For a lady like me who has lots of fats and no curves at all????? Oh gawd! Self-confidence was really boosting! Lol. J But my make-up artist/hairstylist really did a great job! I can say that all my photos were really amazing. She knows how to develop my assets as well as to create something better that will look good on me. So here are the behind-the-shoot photos taken by my good photographers:


So the first thing she did was my hair. I actually wanted to ask her everything about how he curled my hair because it really lasted long. The curl stayed up for almost 12 hours wherein the usual number of hours that the curl of my hair stays is only up to 1 hour. Haha..  yeah! 1 hour ONLY! I already put mousse on it after I curl it but before when before I get into an event, the curl’s already gone. Oh no! Can you tell me how did you do this??? It’s nice, right? I love how it turned to be from straight to curl! SERIOUSLY!

Okay.. So here’s the thing. I told you that this shoot was really new to me and the self-confidence was really boosting! Well, here it is. It was a body airbrush. Meaning, it was a bit nude but it was not pretty obvious. Some were telling me that my clothes were really nice because it was too colourful. Oh well, that’s how great and creative my make-up artist/hairstylist is! J The theme was RASTA. So when you think of RASTA, the first thing that will pop out of your mind is BOB MARLEY. See how BOB MARLEY will join this shoot. Lol J

Are you thinking how did she/they do it? First, she asked me to wear a sando and tie it so it will turn out to be a “hanging sando”. Second, they put tissue and served it as pattern so she can trace the shape of the “hanging sando”. And lastly, she used the airbrush and patterned the tissue that was shaped on me. We were really amazed when she was doing it to me. Just imagine you’re printing a design on a shirt. That was exactly she done to me.

So here’s the before-and-after photo. Look how she transformed me from kawawa-looking to an artistahin-peg. Lol. As you stare on this photo, umm.. As I’ve told you, I was half-naked since body airbrush was done to me. So please… NO TO JUDGEMENTS! Accept art as it should be! Lol. J

This is my one of my favourite photos. I really love how my photographer made me long-legged on this picture and as if I have a flat tummy! J yay! I got to inspired to go on work out more often. *evil laugh* So what can you say about this??? I looked tall, right?

Okay.. so this is it! Say hello to BOB MARLEY! Since RASTA was our theme, she drew Bob Marley’s face and traced it on me. AMAZING! Such a talented girl! Is it look like I still have a shirt on me? Hmmm….

The editing was so perfect! As if I really have a perfect skin as well. I look so thin here! Yehey for this! J I think Bob Marley was emoting too with me. hehe..
Close up shots
I love the photo on the left side. Everybody loves it too. The glimpse of the sun really reflects on my hair and it also adds up to the effect of the photo. Nice job!


This is the most “like” picture on my facebook. When I made this as my profile picture on my facebook, I got 78 likes and lot of compliments. For those who gave compliments on that photo, thank you so much! It was all because of my make-up artist/hairstylist and my 2 great photographers! J

This photo was captured by my good friend, Joy J see the signature on the lower right side? J She told me that this photo was one of my make-up artist/hairstylist’s favourite because she can write something on the side. Great photo, Joyers! J I so love it! J

Again, closed-up shot! Oh gawd! I so love my hair! I wish I could make my hair like this everyday! Please tell me how to do it! J

This is my favourite among my photos! It looks like I have a very smooth skin and fair complexion. I just feel so sexy and I can imagine the commercial “I can feel it” with matching moving shoulders. Haha.. I can fake myself that I’m thin where in reality, I’m NOT! Hate it! J

I remembered the moment when this photo was being captured. I was trying to do a half-smile (smile with no teeth) or should I say a “pa-cute”smile but I gues that half-smile or the “pa-cute” smile wasn’t achieved. HAHAHAHA…. But hey, again, it was carried by my gorgeous make-up and hairstyle! Still achieved!

Hohoho!!!! All I can say is….. I love you Joyers for these shots! You made me gorgeous here! You’re making me sing, “I’m sexy and I know it!”. Thank youuuuuu so much, Joyers! I love you! J
I didn’t get wrong that I bought this pair of shoes. Have you read my blog entitled Primadonna Shoes? So here it is. This was the first time I used the shoes. The shoes perfectly suit the theme. I need to be colourful and it turned out great! Yehey again for this! J

I wish I could have this look EVERYDAY.. SEXY & GORGEOUS! Thank you for this look! J P.S. Can you please beware of my smile? Not all my smiles are true. Some of them are just fake! Haha..

Photo credit to John (thanks John!)

So before I end this blog, I’ll introduce to you the people behind this shoot who made me extraordinary happy and made my extraordinary look. (From left to right): JOY. She’s my childhood friend who told me about this shoot and recommended me to her make-up artist/hairstylist friend to be their model for a portfolio. Obviously, the shoot was held at their house so I was really comfortable in placing myself anywhere there. She also made photography as her hobby since she wanted to enhance it and decided to be as one of the photographers. It’s her passion and I’m so happy that I have a friend who really takes a good photo. Someone will capture a good photo of me. haha.. *peace Joyers* J The girl after me is KAREN but Joy used to call her “Ka”. She’s my make-up artist/hairstylist. She’s the person behind my “wow” look. When I arrived at Joy’s house and saw her, I thought she’s kinda “masungit” and “mataray”. But as time passed by, we got along each other and got to ask her few questions. She also showed to me her tattoo and I was kind envied her because I want to have one. So anyway, if I have to endorse something or go to events, I’m surely hire this lady. She knows exactly what to do. She knows what to do on how to enhance some spot on your body or face and she also know what to focus on you. She’s really a good artist. After this shoot, I didn’t regret any moment of the day because when I saw the pictures taken in their camera, there was nothing to be ashamed of. Everything was perfect! I wish I could always get this look. Hey Karen, please tell me how you did this. Teach me how to curl my hair and how it would last. Haha.. Teach me how to achieve this perfect make-up on me. J And last, the girl beside Karen who wears pink shirt is KAREN too J they’re both Karen and they’re both good with their passion. Karen is the sister of Bambi’s (Joy’s cousin who's also my friend) boyfriend. We were glad that Karen has an external flash and a 50mm lens to capture a good photo. She was using Nikon D90 camera with a battery grip and external flash. I and Joy realized that a camera with a battery grip was too heavy to handle most especially when you hang it on your neck. Haha.. It was quite tiring for a shoot having a battery grip with no tripod.

So there goes out our photoshoot. Thank you for this, guys! It was like a dream came true for me. Haha.. I hope there’s still a next time for all of us. You know my number and I’m just one text/call away. I’m always good on weekends and after work.

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