Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Follow you down

I always look forward to Fridays. Aside from having my “me time”, I can dress up whatever I like (as long as I don’t violate our dress code! #oldmaidsproblem) and blog it. Since I’m wearing our office uniform from Mondays to Thursdays, I maximize my fashion-styling-thingy on Fridays up to Sundays. I’m not related to any fashion jobs. I just do love dressing up and these are my only time to play with girl stuff.

So my dream came true! I was able to take my outfit photos at our fire exit! Yay! What a happiness! If I was able to make poses at our fire exit, guess what time these photos were taken? It was 6:45 a.m. and I guess most of our officemates were still sleeping by this time. HAHA.. kidding aside! I’m always an early bird at work because I don’t want to deal with twist-and-turn traffic everywhere most especially on Mondays and Fridays. So, I always leave the house at 6am and get in the office at around 6:35-6:45 a.m. so early, right?

Flats: Solemate (SM Department Store)

When I go to the office, I don’t usually put much make up on. I only put the basic ones – moisturizer, concealer, bb cream, foundation, and powder. I put some add-on cosmetics like lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara after I eat breakfast in the office. So just for the sake of taking my outfit photos at our fire exit, I immediately put down my bag and grabbed my camera without fixing much my look.

Honestly, I really don’t know why I was so inspired to dress up this day. I have this feeling of happiness towards everything. I just wanted to look beautiful and presentable at work even if I still don’t know what will be my situation with my new work in the upcoming days. Or should I say, I’m preparing myself on how I will look as the new “Environmental Management Assistant” of our company? LOL!
Earrings: SM Accessories
I guess this pair of earrings is a good find. I actually bought this for buy 2 take 1 during my first visit at SM Masinag after a long time of not opting to go to our nearest SM mall. I bought this since I still don’t have a pair of black-and-gold combination of earrings that normally matches all my outfits most especially during my parties at night.

Gold Chunky Necklace: @lovewhowhatwear (Instagram)

This top that I bought from Unarosa in Megamall was such a thrift find too. I love how they sale their clothes from Php1000 down to Php350. This top was also a bummer in my closet since I forgot that it existed. LOL. I’m such a shopaholic that I keep on buying clothes and I’ll just stock it in my closet. My parents keep on telling me that I should stop on buying clothes and shoes because I don’t use it much. So the night before I wear this, I was looking for something that looks simple yet elegant. Surprisingly, I saw this hanging in my closet with a tag and I remembered that I bought it August last year and haven’t used it even once. And take a look at the detail of the top? It’s sexy, right? But since, I’m not gifted over there, let’s just focus on the detail instead.
P.S. PLEASE IGNORE MY SCREAMING THIGHS AND ARMS. Will go back to working out very very soon!

Belt: Robinsons Department Store

Top: Unarosa (old)
Blazer: Forever21 (old)
Pants: Belle York
Belt: Robinsons Department Store
Again, there’s a bunch of unused and tagged clothes that you’ll find in my closet and one of it is my Forever21 blazer that my sister shopped for me last year. Oh gawd! I realize that I keep on buying clothes and other stuff but never use it. I’m spending out of my means but hey, I can pay it in whole. No debt. #responsiblecreditcarduser

But if I want to shop without hurting my pocket, I always check Belle York’s site or go to their stores in Robinson’s Galleria and Shoppesville Greenhills. Belle York also joins Rockwell bazaar once in awhile. You can like their page here so you’ll be informed about their latest updates or better yet, you can visit their stores and check their newest collections. Belle York is located at Shoppesville Greenhills, 50th Avenue in Robinsons Galleria, and Tiendesitas this July.
Wedge Shoes: People are People
  And so, while I’m doing this blog, I keep on playing this in my ipod and someone I remember in this song because that someone inspires me the most.

“Wherever you go, whatever you do
You know I’ll follow you down
Wherever you go, if ever you lose your ground
I’ll follow you down
I’ll follow you
…. It’s true, I’d fall for you”

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Proof of the beginning of success

In relation to this post, I only got these photos last June 29 from the official photographer since all graduation photos were only released on June 1st. Don’t think of me as overweening this kind of feat but I’m just being proud of passing through obstacles behind this cash cow. I know what’s in your head. Like, “okay Lyn.. here we go again.. Ateneo, Ateneo! We knew that you studied and graduated in Ateneo de Manila University. You have Masters Degree! You already! So stop it.. PLEASE???!!!!”. I knew it, okay? I’m just being proud of whom I turned out to be and realized something that made me a better person. Yes, BETTER! You have read it and I guess you know what “BETTER” means? Right? If you’ll compare me who I am before and now, I guess you’ll be surprise. I’ve changed a lot – physically, MENTALLY, spiritually, and socially. I don’t know why but this thing that I thought was so IMPOSSIBLE to gain was so memorable and I reckon that my guide up above made a very good way for me to be at the right path. All moments, experiences, challenges, trials, and the people who came were perfectly encompassed in the situation that I never expected me to be in. This, I mean the whole thing within graduate studies and graduate school, gave me the IMPORTANCE of everything in LIFE. When I say “EVERYTHING IN LIFE”, I mean, it’s UNIVERSAL lessons that a human can be understood without further explanation.

I can’t explain the happiness that I felt during this moment. I love how my parents got so excited when they knew that I’ll be graduating on March 2013. The smile on their face was really undeniable. They never expected that I would come this far since I was not really a good student when I was in elementary and highschool. I had failing grades most especially in math and science and I couldn’t believe that what I’m dealing now is as technical as math and science computation that a student like me could ever do.

People were really surprised when they knew that I came to this far. I was one of the students who always our teachers talked to because I was giving priority to my volleyball craft rather than academics. But well, world evolves. Sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down. Maximize the moment of being in up and be prepared of getting down. No one knows when the ground is about to pull us down.

Hello from me! Giving you my sweetest smile for the beginning of my success. Behind this smile were the things that made me tougher and braver. I already faced the most crucial episode in my life. Pains and heartbreaks were already passed. I reckon that this is the alteration of everything and I bet, the man up above concur about this. High five, Papa J! *wink*

The moment when the School of Science and Engineering Dean called my name and when Fr. Jose Villarin, S.J., University President, handed my diploma and shook our hands, the whole semesters of taking Master in Environmental Management (from June 2009 - March 2013) were being reminisced and realized how much strength I was able to put into it just to do better than myself. One of the best speeches that I’ve ever heard was from our University’s President, Fr. Jose Villarin S.J. and I reckon that his speech will not ever be forgotten by me. He delivered a very emotional yet intellectual speech with sharp pieces of advice that an Atenean must have. That was the moment when I felt being in a prestigious school like Ateneo de Manila University and being an Atenean will always be imprinted in my heart and mind FOREVER.

They say the only revenge that you could ever give to those who hurt you is a MASSIVE SUCCESS. The people who have hurt were already forgiven but not forgotten. So I have something for you guys that I guess you won’t value it as much as I really value what is behind it. Hello to my success of earning this. You guys were my inspiration in attaining this. This was not the beginning, but the start of my success. Everything fell into the right place when you guys cleared the air and I was really happy when I got to breathe a perfect air that one could ask for more.

I’m a proud Batch 2013 graduate and a proud passenger of Ateneo de Manila University Airline Flight 013!