Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Are you looking for a branded perfume that suits your budget? Well, if you have instagram, follow sprayforless and there are lot of various branded perfume to choose from. If you don’t see your favourite perfume posted on that account, you can text the seller and ask your preferred perfume. Good thing about it is that, she could do meet up if ever you’re near her area. The seller is from Marikina. Her name is Marie. I asked few questions regarding her online store and she told me that I was the first customer who bought thru instagram. She didn’t post any of her products in her facebook and only her friends know about her business. Since she’s from Marikina, we supposed to meet at Mcdonald’s Marcos H-way at 7pm. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it by that time. So she suggested to meet at SM Masinag to pick up the item. When I got the item, I found this simple note on its packaging:

Awwww……. On my 3 years of online shopping, that was the first time I received a note together with what I purchased J this online seller knows how to please her customer. Actually, I don’t know how she found my instagram account. I mean, we’re not even friends in facebook. I just added her after our transaction. So here’s what I bought from her:

I really love this perfume. I never had this that’s why I tried it. This perfume really last long. I might buy this again from her once it is consumed. Lol. J

So there you are. I suggest you follow her on instagram and check out her products. You can also add her in facebook but those products are not posted there.

Hi Marie, if you’re reading this, I hope this could help to promote your online shop. I suggest that you post all your items in all your accounts so you can have more customers. Thank you for this note. This made me felt heart-warmed J ‘till our next transaction. Definitely there will be next time. J

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