Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rockwell Bazaar x Belle York : June 15-17

I went to Rockwell Bazaar last June 15 and we all know that it’s payday madness. Rain + payday = TRAFFIC! Oh well! Actually, that bazaar was up to June 17 but I was not sure if I can go there on weekend because I believed that it was all traffic wherever you go since everywhere was on sale. So then, I decided to go there before the weekend and took the risk of getting along the traffic.

I went there to support a friend. A friend who inspired me to be who I am now (I also mentioned her in my previous blog We both came to a world where discernment of our identity was unknown until we reach the stage of getting out of the world we once grew up. She surprised me of who she became. And because of that, I also turned myself into someone NEW that people might be surprised of.

Oh well, enough of that. Since Belle York (my friend’s clothing brand) has started, I’m fond of purchasing stuff from her. Every time she posts an announcement regarding her upcoming collections, I always look after it because I always run out of their stocks. So better yet, always check their facebook account ( and make a faster decision if you’re going to purchase an item. Don’t ever make a hesitation to put a comment “mine“ because once you let it passed by, others might precede your orders.

Belle York has one of the nicest collections among the online stores as what I have observed. Most of their collections are very me. What I like about Belle York is that, their layout is not ordinary layout as what other online store has.

Abi, Belle York owner, and as a Visual Communication major graduate of University of the Philippines Diliman, used her artistic side together with her passion in running her business. If you check Belle York’s facebook account, it’s like you’re taking a look at a magazine. Imagine yourself reading a fashion magazine and go to the page wherein clothes, shoes, and accessories are being mixed and matched. That’s how Belle York’s page looks like. Abi makes sure that everything’s refined and well-done. That’s how she markets her business.

Owkaaaaaay….. so as I mentioned earlier that her collections are very me, I can’t control myself overspending. Why? Her collections are really amazing. She will also give you advice on how to wear it. Like for example, this one:

This is her tribal red squarepants. Best is to mix this with white plain crop top and an oxford shoes (most probably BEIGE). I bought this because I can use it on my laidback days. Sometimes when I don’t to dress up that much, I just want myself to look simple yet fashionable. So when I saw this, I didn’t have any hesitation to buy this. Actually, I decided to purchase this the day I went to their bazaar. So I immediately texted her and tell her to reserve one for me. Luckily, there are still available pants like this. It’s also available in different colours.

Anyway, these are the items that I purchased during the bazaar. I told myself that I won’t overspend and I’ll only budget my shopping up to 1k. But since Abi is a good friend of mine, I’ll support her and her business all the way. I spent 2.4k on these but I think 2.4k isn’t bad for these 8 items.

But among these, this is my most favourite Belle York item -- Gold Mini Dress. You can wear it in many ways. Actually, this is a gift from a special someone. He knows what I really want and what’s bagay to me. He makes me beautiful and sexy in so many ways. Thank you babe! J

Anyway, Abi, if you’re reading this, I just want you to know that I won’t stop supporting Belle York. I salute you for everything you do. If there’s a person who can be an inspiration to others, it’s YOU. You’re really striving for what you want and for what you deserve. You won’t stop and never get tired of doing what’s best for you. Continue doing your passion and never forget the people who helped you and continue helping you in reaching your goals. Good luck in everything and wish you all the best. Congratulation for the success of your business! Will see you soon. J