Thursday, January 10, 2013

Photo bombed

So let me tell some things about me. If you’re following my instragram (instagram name: nostalgicmortal) and facebook, you’ll notice that I always take photos of myself and you might get irritated. Some of my friends tell me that I’m too vain because once they open their facebook account, it’s my photo that’s first to be seen. So sorry about that. I told you I’m a camera buff. I used to study photography but unfortunately, I was the one being photographed that’s why I wasn’t able to learn the advance photography.

I love being photographed. I dreamt of becoming a model when I was a kid but it was just only a dream. I know I can’t be a model because 1.) I don’t have the height. I’m only 5’0. 2.) I’m quite chubby. I stopped working out because I have to concentrate on my studies since I only do my thesis now. 3.) I don’t have the guts to walk on the runway. I’m shy to show myself in front of people. I can project in front of the camera but not totally like a pro model or even a fashion blogger. I’m just a wanna-be like them. J

I don’t know why I got to like camera. I just love to see myself in photos, how I smile, and how do I like.

I love how my hair turned out this way. I didn’t have a bad-hair-day on this. This was taken last December 10, 2012 when we celebrated our dearest Scarloe’s 7th month old birthday while we were watching Pacquiao-Marquez game. I used my ate’s ipad and maximized the time of using it since the one who uses it was still sleeping. Hihihi… *peace Yin-Yin*


My “amazing-baby” pose. I often have a good shot on wacky poses. Glad it turned out quite good on this photo.

I was eating J.CO donut on this photo that’s why I got to have a “ngiwi” smile.
Two sides of me. Do I look mataray if I don’t smile? What do you think? Yay or nay? J

So here’s the outcome of being camera freak J any comments? J

So let me show another set of my “vain” photos. These photos were taken on Christmas Eve while talking to my someone special. J I just feel pretty at that night because I like my attire. J I was wearing a bodycon teal sleeveless and a low-waist skinny jeans. Though I looked fat since it was Christmas season but my bodycom hid the flabbyness of my tummy J Skinny jeans were also perfect in me. I guess it was sized on my waistline as well as on my big bun legs. Nyahahahaha…… J

From my instagram: nostalgicmortal

I love this photo. This look reminds of the blessings that I have. There are more reasons to smile and that I have to live the life that I have. I’m so thankful that God didn’t let me drowned in pain and heartache that I’ve been through on the last part of the year.


I apologize for my eyebags. I got to sleep before Noche Buena hits the clock.
from my instagram: nostalgicmortal

So there you are. I already gave you a simple hint of who I am. So don’t be surprised if you open your facebook and startle you with my overloading photos. I’m a camera freak and fashion-enthusiast. Take it or leave it. J

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