Thursday, January 10, 2013

My New Year’s Resolution for 2013

1. More time for fitness. I need to achieve the 105 lbs. this year because I want to pull off the best version of me – to become leaner, stronger, and most especially… SEXIER! (naks!)

2. Read more books, petix mode less. I have to get myself on MORE books for a better grammar and more vocabulary. When you read more, the more you gain knowledge.

3.  More time for studying. Study! Study! Study! That’s what people are complaining about me. I want to study photography, fashion, and new media design. I want to continue what I started. I want to continue my real passion and try to enter the world of those crafts. Maybe in that world, I can excel like how other people excel on their own expertise.

4. Fashion wise, I want to improve on how I dress up. I want to invest on flats shoes and more lady-like clothes. Since I’m already 25, I have to be more on semi-casual look than hippie-fashionista outfit. Oh well, we’ll see. It’s a matter of you carry it and put swag on it.

5. Career wise, I have to be 2 steps ahead. My friends already have a good position with a good salary. If the company that I’m connected with now offer me a good position with a good paying salary, I will surely grab it. But if they don’t have any plan for me, then I think I have to look for a better job that suits my standards.

6. I should have a routine for cleaning my room. My room is a mess and a snake can live with it. Too much girl stuff caused the mess of my room and honestly, I can’t manage it now. Whew! Hello walk-in closet! I really need you NOOOOOW!

7. Continue the art of blogging. Blog! Blog! Blog! And let everyone know my insights. People can get to know me by reading my blog.

8. More to photos, not being photographed. Nyahahaha….. Okay, so basically, I’m a camera freak. I always want to be photographed. That’s why I haven’t practiced my basic skills in photography. This year, I should hold my camera and capture the beautiful moments in life. Last year, I missed a lot of events since I was so lazy to take photos. This year should be different. I’ll promise to myself that I’ll love again the art of photography and witness the capturing moments of adorable episode in my life.

9. Save more, shopping less. I spent a lot of money last year in buying clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories most especially when I was at the hype of crying my moments. They say, shopping is every girl’s best friend and shopping can make a girl’s depression fade away.

10. No to love life. This year, I should be wiser in entering a relationship. I got hurt so much that I lose myself just to be healed.  I should learn to choose who to love and who to believe so I won’t be upset if circumstances happen. This year, I should get to know first the people who want to enter my life. I don’t want to be cheated and lie again. One is enough and that’s it. Lessons have been learned and those lessons are charged to experience. I have learned a lot and I think it’s already best for me to become aware of. PROMISES ARE MEANT TO BROKEN. FOREVER ISN’T TRUE. Mr. Cupid should arrow the next person who worth the pain and joy since he already knew what I’ve been for the past 2 years.

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