Monday, January 28, 2013

graduation + diploma

On my graduation, I want to wear white dress and a pair of beige wedge. I also want to have curly hair and put my make up on. I’ll also wear my silver watch and jewelleries. Behind those pretty things on a pretty face, I want to be with my loved ones. I want to see there my mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, and my 2 niece because they are big part of my success. I want them to see me how I walk wearing those pretty things and blue toga on me as I hand my diploma and shake hands with big people on our prestigious school.
That diploma will become a big part of me. Behind that diploma are the episodes in my life that made me who I am now. From way up to downward, that diploma witnessed how I struggled just to aim for the success. Nevertheless, receiving my diploma is not yet my success. It’s just the BEGINNING of my victory.
Between my struggles are the tears and joys that taught me lessons in my everyday living. People that I met gave me extra power to get what I have to get. I thought I can’t stand up again and walk during the days of my tears. Disappointments hit me but it turned to better understanding of things around me. Plans were made but in the end, it just broke down into pieces. But I know behind those broken pieces of plans will be surrogated someday. A plan that will turn into reality and a happiness that will make me understand that not all things are meant to be.
On the day of my graduation, I’ll be the happiest girl in the world. I lost my happiness but I know I’ll be better little by little. I want to see all the people who made my dreams come true. All those people including the people who brought me down and gave impact to my life. Who I am now will be the reflection of who I am yesterday. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are different. Yesterday I learned. Today I’m learning. Tomorrow I’ll learn. So many things I want to understand but my brain doesn’t allow me to understand it. It doesn't allow me because I think I have to experienc eit first.  However, so many incidents in my life that I have to forget and replace it by good memories. Yesterday, I was this person who wanted to explore different world and feel where I can be comfortable with. Now, I learned that one should be in the world where everyone else has the same feature as you. Mindset should be the number 1 priority in the world that you want to get along to. All people are different and not all people have same mindset. But one should have better understanding on things around him. Because you can’t get from the other what you’ve got from the other side.
As I go through my journey, I realize who I really am. I got to know myself in different ways. Some will like me, some will don’t. It’s given and I can accept it. Some may think I’m bad. Some may think I’m not. People do have their own perceptions. All I know now is, I learned how to fight for my right and I learned how to motivate myself during my excruciating moments.
I’ll never forget my life behind my diploma. The diploma that I’ll be receiving on March will be the result for all my adversities for 3 years and a half of reaching for success. ; and that diploma will be the picture of who I am now for all the people who have hurt me in the rollercoaster ride of my life.
And oh by the way, I believe good people deserve good things in life. I wish to have this on my graduation and I hope He’ll grant this for me. Oh Papa J, I want to have this. Please oh Please! I’m just simple. Just this and I would be fine. Any color will do.. even 16 GB of BLACK! hihihihi.... *cross fingers*


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