Saturday, January 26, 2013

iphone 4s for my smart network

Okei.. so aside from being a fashion enthusiast and a camera lover, I’m also a techy person but not that much. I just know how each technology works but I don’t know how to troubleshoot it. Hahaha… so ironic then!

Last December 2012, I bought a new phone as a Christmas/birthday gift to myself. It’s a phone that can actually manipulate as a mini computer and can do multi-task since it has stylus. I know what you’re thinking guys. It’s not an iphone 5 since it doesn’t have a stylus. Haha.. it’s a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Actually, before I buy it, I had a dilemma between Samsung S3 and a Note 2. My friend, who works in an advertising/marketing company, which he holds the account of Samsung, discussed to me the difference between S3 and Note 2. Both phones performs really good. In my case, he suggested to have S3 rather than Note 2. Note 2 can actually give me satisfaction when it comes to its features. Actually, when it comes to size, S3 is better than Note 2. If you’re a minute-by-minute texter, Note 2 is not for you. Note 2 is too big and it can’t fit in one palm and it’s really for executives since it can be your daily planner and it can do multi-tasking for you. You just have to subscribe for a data plan consist of unlimited internet surfing so you can maximize the use of the phone. On the other hand, if you’re a minute-second-hour texter, S3 is so for you. S3 is smaller than Note 2. The only difference of those phones are the image quality, screen size, and of course, the use of stylus. That’s it. Note 2 is made for executives that doesn’t want to bring so much stuff with them. You can surf the internet without any hassle since the screen is big and you won’t have any difficulties of reading emails. You don’t have to use your finger since stylus can work it for you. I don’t have any regrets on buying that phone. I prefer bigger and complicated phones than smaller and easy-to-use phones. I love playing it since the features are very new to me. The phone is so me and I don’t have issues about it.

Meanwhile, since I have two networks that I’m using (globe and smart), I still have to look for an extra phone (or should I say, my “main” phone too since business transactions are made in my smart number) that I could hold out in public especially when I have meetings with the big men. I’m not a fan of iphone but I think I need one. I’m not aiming for an iphone 5. Iphone 4s can be my friend as long as I have it. My bosses are all using iphone and they’re advising me to have one. I have no choice. They influenced me already. They're all using iphone so I guess I should've get one. I WON’T sell my Note 2 because you know.. I’m in love with it. My concern is, I NEED AN IPHONE 4S for the sake of standards. My gwad! I have an extra phone for my smart but I guess it’s not enough for me. HAHAHA…. Arte ba? Yah, I know! But it’s a statement that I have to maintain. Ganun ata talaga pag ang mga kaharap mo e mga executives! Grrrrr…..

So is there anyone who sells iphone 4s in a cheaper price? Please do let me know. I need a brand new one. As much as I don’t want iphone, I still need to have one. I don’t have a date on valentines so I don’t have anyone to spend my money for. Haha.. I guess I’ll just spend my valentine’s with the phone and myself. Or maybe, you can gift it to me as your valentine’s/graduation gift since I'll be graduating on March *cross fingers*. I’m not blinkered. I prefer one gift for 2 occassions. Black or white color.. I don’t mind it. Just the iphone 4s that I would mind. HAHAHA…. But if you're willing to donate me an iphone 4s, BLACK color would be ACCEPTABLE! NYAHAHAHA..... :D

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