Friday, May 31, 2013

Laidback Friday

Let me start this post with this..

I put up this blog because I want to practice my writing through fashion. I really do love fashion and fashion is what’s in my heart. I really look up to Camille Co, Vern and Verniece Enciso, Dominique Tiu, Joanna Ladrido, Kryz Uy, and Laureen Uy on how smart they dress up and blog everything about it. They inspire me to do what my heart speaks and show the world what I got.

I really love reading their blog. I love how they illustrate mixing-and-matching clothes, accessories, shoes, and bags and how they support online stores and other famous boutiques and be a brand ambassador of it.  It’s nice to know that through their passion, they could be way far from what and where they started. It’s very inspiring because they got to do what they love to do and got successful with it. And as a starter, I really do accept comments and suggestions on how I can improve my blog. I admit that I’m not good in writing compared to them. If they read my blog, I guess they will be commenting on my grammars (which I humbly accept it!).

For some readers who will criticize my blog whether you know me or not, I know that this isn’t my line but I know this thing is worth a try. I made this blog NOT because of money, but because of my passion in fashion and technology. Please don’t get me wrong. I won’t steal their spotlight because I’m just NOBODY in this industry. Since I love shopping and taking photos of myself, why should I not wear it instead of hiding the stuff that I shopped and not take photos of it? Again, this blog is for my passion and NOT FOR MONEY. Thank you.

So bringing you to the focus of this post, I wore a laidback outfit since I didn’t have any invites from friends today. We wear office uniform from Monday to Thursday and so Friday is my fashion day!

Since I have a full time job in a private and conservative company with conservative people, I can’t wear clothes just like that on Fridays since we have dress code. Most likely, wearing a skirt is not an option. It should only be pants - closed shoes - blouse - blazer (if the top is not collared and if the top is sleeveless) for girls and pants - collared shirt for boys. They’re not used to adopting the new generation in fashion. They only wanted the black-and-white combination and not the mix-and-match colors. Sometimes I feel so tight-necked. All my actions are being eyed on by the people in our workplace. So I don’t have any choice but to obey our SOP as well as the oldies.

Earrings: bought it at one of the stores along Tomas Morato, Quezon City

G-Shock Watch: Time Factory (instagram)

As time pass by, I appreciate the importance of time. I’m not in the habit of wearing a watch because I don’t like how some leather bracelet watch affects my wrist. But when I saw this G-Shock from Time Factory in instagram, I fell in love with it and immediately ordered it. I love boyish style watch. It’s good for my lazy-day-outfit most especially on weekends.

Shoes: S&H (Department Store, Robinsons Metroeast)

When I knew that there will be changes that will happen with my career in a few months, I thought of everything I have right now. I thought of growth vs. comfort. Staying in my comfort zone won’t help me grow as an individual. I have to climb up in order to fall and bounce back twice or thrice as much as I could. This new challenge will help me practice what I finished and apply what I learned during my MA days without an assurance if I could make it. It’s a make it-break it situation. If I make it, then I’ll take the next step. But if not, I wish I can go back to where I used to be and continue what I had begun. On the other hand, if I’ll stay at my comfort zone, I have an assurance that I can go straight to the next level of my career.

As I thought of this new upcoming challenge for me, I also thought of something that I could wear on field. I don’t have footwear for field work and I guess this should be the start of investing footwear such shoes like this. And as I was checking my instagram, I saw pairs of shoes that suit for field work and still fashionable (fashion won’t be far from whatever career that I will have in the near future). Since I’ll be pairing it mostly with jeans and shirt, it will come out nicely with this pair of shoes that I chose. I was supposed to buy it online and I’m lucky that there’s a part in Robinson’s Metroeast Department Store that caters S&H since I’m just near at that mall. I was so happy to have this near me given that this shoes comes with different color combination. You can check their instagram (snh_fashion) or like their facebook page here.

Jacket: St. Francis Square
Inner Top Sleeveless: Primadonna
Belt: Greenhills
Pants: Bench (old)
This blazer is a one-lucky-find. As I was strolling in St. Francis Square, I saw this hanging in a sale portion of a stall. The saleslady come over me and asked me to buy it since that blazer is on sale. I was surprised when she told me that it was priced at Php200 from Php800 plus all the clothes that they were selling were designed by a designer (Sorry but I forgot who that designer is). So I bought 2 blazers with different design. Oh! that's what I love about sale! I'm too thrifty to spend large amount money for a no-brand stuff. The blazer has a good quality of fabric – neither that thick nor thin. In addition to that, this blazer can turn your casual outfit into semi-casual outfit and te-ne-nen!!! You’re ready for a meeting!

So there you are! Here’s what I wore last Friday. I was so happy at that day because I was looking forward to weekend because of scheduled go outs with the people I wanted to be with. I might take my ootd (outfit of the day) photos on Fridays and weekends since we’re dressed on our office uniform on Mondays to Thursdays.

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