Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A little bit of something personal about me

It was year 2009 when I decided to take the next level of education. I was in an exclusive school since elementary up to college. I never experienced having boys classmates so I would never know how to deal with them. I’ve been reading a lot of issues regarding bullying and I was afraid of experiencing that. So I thought being in a co-ed school was such a survival-everyday-kind-of-life until I stepped in a school where things were different.

I’ve been dreaming to enter and study in Ateneo de Manila University since when I was in grade 4 when my sister started to have her Master in Business Administration. I remember when she always tells me that Ateneo is one of the prestigious schools here in the Philippines and it’s really difficult to pass their entrance exam. She also tells me that the only schools at that time are University of the Philippines (U.P.) and Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) where all witty, smart, rich, cool, and best people are studying there.

I got curious at that time and at the same, I got the urge of studying there. I remember when I was in grade 4, I promised to myself that I’ll study very hard and give more time to my studies rather than playing with my neighbours. My focus at that time was to have good grades to enter Ateneo de Manila University with a course of Business Administration.  Since grade 3, I got myself into a course of Business Administration because of the influence of Asiaweek magazine that was subscribed by my dad. So everytime I read that magazine, I always asked my dad on how those people got rich and put on the magazine. My mom and sister enlightened me about the courses on how to get a job easily and I also remember that I asked them about the course of Business Administration if I can be rich. Oh well, they said “yes” but of course, together with determination and perseverance.

Ironically, I didn’t get good grades that much. I even took summer classes when I was in grade 5 and third year highschool. Those summer classes were on my math subject. I really had a hard time in math. Seriously.  I wasn’t a math person. I was more on history. I loved reading and memorizing. I even got perfect scores when we were having a quiz and got exempted in some of our quizzes. But math?? Oh no! That was so horrible for me! I remember, my teachers always pitied me because of my situation. Though I was in popular in our school because I was the captain ball of our volleyball varsity team and we were always brought home the bacon, some of my teachers were gossiping about my standing in class. Someone told me that I have no brain and that, entering Ateneo will just stay as a dream. I can smash the ball perfectly but not my grades. I won’t forget that teacher who told me that. I promised to myself that I’ll reach for my dream someday and I’ll be back at the school where all accusations were pointed at me.

And so, I took entrance exam to several schools and one of those was ADMU. As I filling up the form of ADMU, I was whole-heartedly happy and dreaming that I’ll pass the entrance exam no matter what it takes. I even enrolled myself to entrance exam review school just for ADMU. My choices of course in ADMU were Interdisciplinary Studies, European Studies, and Anthropology. Those courses don’t have quota grades unlike the Management, Economics, and Engineering courses. Actually, I didn’t mind entering my desired course as long as I pass the entrance exam and get to study there. The only aim I had at that time was to be a part of ADMU community and have a diploma there. But unfortunately, I didn’t see my name included those who passed the entrance exam nor on the wait listed. My tears fell on my face and blamed myself of not having good grades. If I chose books over volleyball, I maybe one of those screaming that they passed the entrance exam and got the chance to be part of the ADMU community. I didn’t even pass U.P. with chose courses of European Languages, Anthropology, and Human Kinetics. For me, it doesn’t matter on what course I will be in as I start to go to college as long as I pass the entrance exam and get in to the school. The trick is, just transfer to your desired course in your 2nd year of college since all subject that will be taken on your 1st year are all general.

So guess where did I take my college degree? I mentioned earlier that I was in an exclusive school from elementary to college. Right? Oh well, I had my undergraduate course of Bachelor of Science in International Management and Entrepreneurship in St. Paul University Quezon City. HAHAHAHA..... All pretty girls are there, by the way. I get good reactions from boys every time I tell them that I’m studying in St. Paul Q.C. I learned so many things in that school and I’m so thankful for that. If you study in St. Paul Q.C., one personality will be developed. Personality development is the most adopted attribute in that school. HAHAHAHA..... Well, it’s a fact and pretty well-known. That’s why pretty boys choose St. Paul Q.C. girls rather than girls from other other school.

Studying in SPUQC (short for St. Paul University Quezon City) was very spoon-fed. It was like a highschool in an upgraded version though it was fun. I experienced a lot of things and I got the fame again in volleyball. We always have intramurals annually and of course, I get myself again in volleyball. Actually, that was the highlight of our college years. We practice twice or thrice a week and go home late afterwards. We do sometimes have a drink after our practice before going home. Oh well, that was so notorious of us. HAHAHA....

We presented our feasibility study (equivalent to a thesis) by partner as a final requirement for graduating students. I was with Cristhia (Hi Cristhia if you’re reading this!). I was in-charge of figures while Cristhia took over the writings. I was grateful that I got a partner whose writing skills were perfectly good. I didn’t know where she got those words she puts in but I was pretty amazed by how she wrote it. Good job Cristhia!

So I graduated last March 18, 2008 with a degree of Bachelor of Science in International Management. I got work three weeks after I graduated but it was not yet with the company that I’m working right now. I worked with a newly IT company with unprofessional people. And so I resigned after 3 months.

It was July 16, 2008 when I started working in the company where I’m currently connected. I can say that it’s really my comfort zone to the point of no growth in terms of personality and career. No promotion at all. For example, if you entered as clerk, you’ll also retire as clerk. So one night on December 2008, when I was having a chilling drink at the terrace of my sister’s condominium in Makati, she talked to me regarding masteral degree. I really wanted to take MBA (Master in Business Administration) in Ateneo Graduate School of Business (AGSB) in Rockwell but she insisted to have it as soon as possible. She was really forcing me to the point of annoyance was hitting me up. But since MBA requires a 2-year work experience, my sister can’t wait for me to take masters. So February 2009, I searched for a course that could somewhat relate my undergraduate course so it would be easier for me to cope with the subjects that were not too technical. I checked Master in International Studies in University of the Philippines (U.P.) and Miriam College. Those schools are both in Katipunan area. My sister and I also checked some course in ADMU Loyola for the courses that were not too technical for me like Master in Psychology, Master in Anthropology, and Master in Sociology. I didn’t feel like going to those courses when I saw their curriculum. So we went to the Department of Environmental Science and inquire regarding their masteral program. After in ADMU Loyola, we went to Tagaytay for some sisters bonding. We talked about the Master in Environmental Management program and reviewed their curriculum. Actually, I didn’t have any idea on the program as well as the subjects. I thought it was just like the MBA program. So I decided to enter Master in Environmental Management since the course has somewhat connection in line with the sector where I’m in.

I gave a try to Miriam College and ADMU Loyola since U.P. had a conflict with their schedule of classes. I passed the entrance exam both Miriam College and ADMU Loyola so I had a hard time in choosing school. I liked the course in Miriam College but ADMU Loyola has been my dream school since grade 4 and of course, ADMU is ADMU. People know how hard it is to pass the entrance exam there. So obviously, I chose ADMU Loyola and immediately processed my documents for enrolment.

Taking graduate studies is way far than taking undergraduate course and being an “ATENISTA” feels like an achievement for me. Taking graduate studies in a prestigious school requires an individual for an extra hardwork and perseverance. In order for an individual to survive graduate studies in ADMU, one should be fervent in what s/he does. Being in graduate school is not the same as being in college. Reading is very much important as well as writing. I guess english proficiency in writing and speaking is one of the requirements in graduate studies. Everyone’s speaking in english in campus. You know the term “Areneo” for Ateneo? Well, you’ll understand it once you encounter a group of Ateneans talking in a coffee shop. Hehe..

I acquired lot of attributes in ADMU - physically, mentally, and socially. I never expect to be what I should not suppose to be. I also experienced lot of circumstances during the in between of my graduate studies days. There were mostly downs than ups but still, I survived. I lost people who I really treasured the most and the person who means the world to me and because of those episodes, I learned how to fight for myself and stand alone when no one else does for me. I learned how to trust myself in whatever storm that may pass in my everyday life. In short, there were scores of hardships and challenges that I faced in the intervening time of my graduate studies in ADMU.

Challenges and trials made me a better person. From humiliation since highschool up to the last step of my graduate studies, I learned how to take those indictments into positive outlook in life. I served it as a trial to my patience and belief for my soon-to-be achievements in the near future.

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