Thursday, May 9, 2013

This girl is on fire

Another backlog photos! LOL! I was too busy the past few months since I was a graduating student and I was mentally, emotionally, and physically drained with all the requirements as a graduating MA student. I can say that my brain got exhausted and honestly, it got functioned 2 months after our graduation. Whew! I can hashtag #stressed #malfunctioned #pathetic #broke #drained with what I have experienced. But anyway, it was all worth the pain!
So my blog will start here..
These photos were taken last February 9. It was a called a “pre-valentine” shoot and it was supposed to be an “Earth-Water-Wind-Fire” theme. But unfortunately, the 2 other models were not available on that date. So the theme turned out to be just a fun shoot. This shoot was also for my friend's portfolio since she needs to add some photos as a reference for make-up and hairstyle for her clients. Hello there Karen!
P.S. I only choose what I have to brag because some of my photos are a big NO NO!!!! Hahaha....

Here are the photos taken by friend Joy (hello there Joyers!). The photos can't be rotated. I guess it's because that the files are too big for this blog.
Spike Bracelet: Divisoria

My favorite photo of mine. I love how I portrayed being fierce!

Blazer: Zalora
Shorts: Paradise Treats

Photography by: Joy Almendralejo

Another set of photos taken by my friend, Karen. The only thing we don’t have that day is a studio. Karen is a very photography-enthusiast. She has her own equipments so we felt good with the location since it was an indoor photoshoot. We need lots of lighting more than props. Haha.. Thank for making me look great in photos, Karen! Just in photos! LOL!

Spikes Bracelet: Divisoria

Stockings Lace: Forever 21
Shoes (gift from a friend): St. Francis Square

Dress: Riverbanks Tiangge

Photography by: Karen Trasporte

Thank you to my 2 photographers and HMUA. I’m so lucky to have friends like them. I hope this will be done again when Karen (the photographer) will be back here from Malaysia. I love all the photos as well as the make-up. I would love to print all my photos and put it in picture frame. You guys always make me look great! Everytime I see these photos, I’m always about to sing “this girl is on fah-yerrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!” hahaha....
So 3-month rule is very over, no worries about my studies, nothing I’m thinking about now, VERY single and ready to mingle, and most of all.. I’m still YOUNG and getting WILD and FREE and about to FIRE!!! Wootwoooooo!!!!!

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