Sunday, June 2, 2013

Joy's birthday celebration with childhood friends

One of the moments that made me looked forward to weekend was to be with my childhood friends. It was Joy’s birthday celebration part 2 because she already celebrated on the day of her birthday itself in their house. We celebrated this party at Oakwood Premier Hotel in Ortigas and we were surprised that only 5 of us came that night because we thought that some of her friends from her other group will also come. If that happens, we can’t go home without an alcohol flowing in our blood.
When we’re together, we always talk about our childhood memories. Most of our childhood memories are pretty funny. There’s only one thing that unite us.. VOLLEYBALL. We used to play in streets and most of us became a varsity player of a school (I’m one of them!). Until such a time that we got to have our own lives and not seeing each other that much anymore. But in spite of that situation, we never forget our friendship. We’re always there for each other and we still hangout if we got time.

The birthday girl. So kyot!
Joy is one of my good friends. We always hangout at their house since their house is just in front of our house. We’ve been friends since birth. I grew up with her and her sibling, John. We all know each other’s personality so we know how to play with each other’s mood. What I love about them is they never forget me to invite me at their parties and gimmicks. See?! They know how much I can easily drag when it comes to hangouts and parties. But not only that. Since we know each other since birth, wherever we go, whoever we be with, we still support each other; we're always be friends.

I can count in my fingers who my true friends are. That even we got into fights and disappointments, we still manage to forget those bad episodes and continue our laughs and jokes; That even we got into fights, we never spill our secrets that we once shared. That’s how true friendship works. Respect and trust are the things that we really value.
I love how smart they are when it comes to pieces of advice. They warn me when they know that I won’t be good in a situation that I’ll be entering to. It’s just that, I am the one who is being hard-headed when it comes to listening. But still, they catch me in times of failure and survive me with beers, vodkas, and parties! LOL!

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