Friday, May 10, 2013

Happiness is a choice

Nothing ends nicely, that’s why it ends.

That’s how I define my year 2012 ender. It was difficult for me to deal with such an extreme heartbreak knowing that the person you’ve given your whole love and trust will find new love days after your break up. And after two and half months of separation, he’ll be back just to show how he had changed way back when you were still together. How stupid I was to see him and talk to him. Whew! Oh well, L.O.V.E. made me stupid!

So 2013 began and I’m “quite” feeling good with whatever situation I encountered. I just focused on things that can make me better and be with people who know my value. People advised me that I shouldn’t post sad quotes and pictures so I won’t look bitter with what happened and proved that he’s not my lost. I guess it works and I’m feeling happier now than before.
All these photos were taken in my 32gb iTouch (4th generation) using my instagram account and the camera 360 application. Since iTouch has no flash and the noise is very noticeable, I need to use some application so it will look clear.

Taken from my instagram: nostalgicmortal
These photos were taken during the 2nd birthday part of my dearest godchild, Kesha, at Shakey’s Katipunan. Sunnies were gifted to me by my 2 cutie patooties nieces on my birthday last January 4. So sweet of my angels!

Sunnies: Parfois
These photos were taken on Chinese New Year this year. We had our mass at Christ the King in Greenmeadows and headed to Atrium in Megamall for a lunch and family bonding.

Dad's Matte Rayban

My Rayban
These photos were taken last April when we were on our way to Bicol to spend Holy Week’s vacation. I used PhotoToaster application so the whole photo will be posted in instagram. I and dad were using Rayban. Thanks for the sunnies, dad! You really are spoiling me!

These photos were taken in the office. The only thing I love about these photos is my HAIR! I love how my bangs fall into its right place. LOL! See how pa-cute I am???!!!!! That’s how vain I am! So if you’re getting annoyed with all my photos, it’s your problem! Not mine! Chos! :p

DOPE cap: PMLP Apparel

Do I look swag or pa-cute? LOL! I love this DOPE cap from PMLP Apparel. I just saw this cap on Deuce Manila DJ's ( For FYI only.. they are the only female duo in Manila). I saw their photo wearing this cap and I found it interesting. I was lucky to have this because this cap is limited.
This is my first time to use a swagger cap. There are various colors to choose from. Just check their facebook page and look for your best choice. So how do I look like? Is it good to me? And oh! I love this cap!
So this is what I do if I'm getting bored. I do love taking photos because I love myself and I won't let those bad things ruin my happiness.
Happiness is a choice and I'm so blessed with what I have. Thank you for making me like this. I won't find myself back into the right track without those ups and downs and because of that, it made me stronger and wiser in choosing what's right for me.


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    1. Hi :) thank you for dropping by my blog. I'm gratefull that someone like you who also loves fashion gives attention to my blog. I'm just a newbie in blogging and i know that there are lots of improvement that I have to make. I'll also start fashion blogging very very soon. The only problem I have is that, no one can ever take photos of me so sometimes I can't post outfits here in my blog.

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