Monday, February 4, 2013

My Primadonna shoes collection

PRIMADONNA is one of the best shoe brands that delivered and still delivering best design in shoe collections. Primadonna never fails with their styles. From being sexy down to being casual, everything is so stylish. I can’t resist buying from them, actually. They really suit my personality as well as my budget. I don’t have any regrets everytime I pull money from my wallet for a pair of Primadonna shoes because it’s all worth it. From design to comfort ability, it pays off!  
If you read my entry entitled “get to know me in some ways” (you could check it here:, you’ll know my weakness. I love fashion and I really do love dressing up. If there’s one thing I won’t get tired of, it’s about dressing up! Because it’s my one way of expressing myself of who I really am. I dress up for myself and not for everybody else, anyway. If you don’t like my style, then so be it. It’s my fashion sense and not yours.
One thing I learned from fashion is that one woman needs to have a good pair of shoes and a pretty bag. Even if you’re just wearing a plain white shirt and a pair of ragged pants, just sport a stiletto and a small black studded bag, you’re two thumbs up for everybody else. You’re in for the entire day!
If you want to get noticed by people in an occasion, wear a Primadonna shoes and I swear, everyone will give you compliment on your footwear. It was already tried and tested. I’ve already been there that’s why I so love Primadonna because it makes me stand out in every event that I go to.

I guess you already saw this in one of my posts. This is my first pair of Primadonna shoes. I bought this in Market! Market! in Taguig. I used this during my pictorial for my friend’s portfolio. If you haven’t read my entry regarding this pair of shoes, you could read it here and here
Photoshoot is one of my biggest dreams ever. So I immediately agreed upon on that concept, grabbed my Primadonna shoes, and click! There you are!


This is my 2nd pair of shoes from Primadonna. I bought this in SM
North Edsa. I supposed to use this in the grand opening of a bar in Tomas Morato, Quezon City but unfortunately, something messed up and I wasn’t able to attend. How much do you like the design? It’s so unique, right?? I immediately grabbed this after when I saw it. You can pair it with any dress since this stiletto can actually carry all outfits. The color combinations really suit me. I love how it matched with one another. Look at the side of the stiletto. It’s surprising that the color yellow makes the shoes vibrant and sexy. I used this shoes during my cousin's wedding last december 20, 2012 at ferbrook in Alabang. This shoes caught people's eyes because this looks sexy and pretty on my feet. How would you hate something like this that when you walk-in to the door, all people will look at you and say, “Oh! Why you’re so pretty and sexy? The spotlight stays at you and steals the attention of the crowd! Your sexy stiletto is so perfect on you! You look sexier! ”. See???? That’s what can a gorgeous shoes do for you! That’s PRIMADONNA!

OMG! This pair of shoes is 2 months in the making! What do I mean by “2 months in the making”? I actually saw this in an instagram of a DJ last October. They were 2 girl DJ’s who were wearing this style in different colors. This style has 2 different colors: black and brown. So when I tagged this to my friend, she also came to like this and we never stopped looking for this since the day this shoes caught our attention. We tweeted those 2 DJ’s where they bought this but they were just retweeting our tweets. So last December, I was actually roaming around in Megamall with my bestfriend because we were searching for a good restaurant since we were about to celebrate his birthday. I passed by Primadonna to take a look for the low-cut boots that I’m eyeing about. I showed to my bestfriend but he doesn’t like it for me because it was too simple and I can’t maximize the use of it. And so, I took down the boots and check their other designs. When I turned to my right and looked down, I got a second look at this shoes and I slowly went to it and grabbed it. I was so happy that I finally found the shoes that I’m looking for. I prefer the brown one because I already have lot of black shoes. So I’ll try to mix and match my clothes with this one. What outfit can you suggest to pair up with this? Edgy type lang ang peg ko! HAHA..
The last pair of this was size 10 and I’m size 8 or 9. Good thing about Primadonna was, they searched some other stores if they still have a size 8 for me and luckily, they found one at their branch in Batangas. They product transferred it to SM Megamall and after 1 and a half week, this pair of shoes was in my hands already. Finally, I was relieved since I already got what I wanted. I found this pair of shoes accidentally and I love it too much. I know it’s kinda weird for you but I guess this will look good on me especially when I feel that I want to look “tomboyish” for a day. HAHAHA.... I know myself..... I can carry this!
By the way, thank you so much to all the staff of Primadonna SM Megamall. You guys were so accommodating even if I keep on calling you everyday for making follow-ups. I apologize for bothering you everyday starting 10 a.m. I just really like this shoes and I want to grab as soon as possible. HEHE.. You guys never stop giving your customers a warm smile. Keep it up! :) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :)

This is the low-cut boots that I’m referring to when I saw the boots that I was searching for 2 months. Actually, someone handed this to me as HIS Christmas gift because he doesn’t know what to give me. He bought this after I bought the low-cut brown shoes (sorry, but I really don’t know what type of shoes is that. Hehe..). I was surprised because I never expected that he’ll really buy it. Oh well, that’s the essence of “courting” a girl. A guy will give everything to the one who’s special to him just to see that person happy. HAHAHAHA......

This flatform shoes has a story. A friend of mine who doesn’t usually give a Christmas gift, called me when I was driving home and asked me my shoe size. I told him that I’m size 8.
We normally do our usual tradition during Christmas. We go to our friend’s house (who just across our house) and celebrate Christmas party there. He handed me Primadonna paper bag, immediately opened it, and fitted it. Unfortunately, the flatform didn’t fit me thought it was size 8. So he has to return the flatform to SM Masinag branch and exchange it to size 9. Unfortunately, there’s no size 9 for that design. He has to wait for a week to product transfer that design from other branch. So he decided to look for another design but same flatform style. So when he saw this design, he actually thought that this style is soooooo.... me. It really fits my personality. Luckily, they have size 9 and it was the last pair of this design.
I was just surprised by this. I never expected that a friend of mine will give me a kind of gift like this. Normally, my friends just give me little things on Christmas. But this friend of mine is different. Because for him, he remembers me everytime he pass by Primadonna store. So he thought of giving me something that suits my “fashionista” look. Hehe.. Isn’t it nice?

The most common problem when I’m purchasing any footwear is my shoe size. Again, this flatform was product transferred from Primadonna Lucky Chinatown branch since size 9 was only available at the said branch. Thank you so much to Ms. Vanessa of Primadonna Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall branch for assisting all my inquiries regarding this style. I thought I have to wait for 2 weeks for this to be transferred at your branch but this just took 3 days to arrive. Thank you, Ms. Vanessa J

I actually saw this on a DJ (the same DJ wearing the brown low-cut boots). I always see this style but I didn’t mind it because the style was no impact to me. But when I saw someone wearing this, I realize that it’s pretty nice. I can pair this with casual shorts, cropped top shirt, and do a messy hair bun.......  and then boom! I can sing “I’m sexy and I know it!”. HAHAHAHA..... And as you look at it, it’s not tiring to walk this around. I can do shopping all the day on this. Isn’t it cute? What do you think?
For me, Primadonna is the best brand for me. This defines who I really am. I can’t stop giggling with their shoes. I really want to grab them all! All their designs are so fashionista! For an edgy type of person, you can have their flatforms and booties. Flatforms are the best style ever! They can go from being casual to being chic. For heels, it can make you stand out in crowd. You can set their eyes on you by means of wearing one of these heels. Their entire heels are sexy on feet. If you don’t feel like wearing heels, they have their stylish wedge. My most favorite wedge that they have is the one that has tribal design... the blue one and the red one. It’s really stylish and fabulous. I'll buy it the next time I'll visit one of their stores.
Anyway, sorry for the redundancies but I guess I already used “stylish”, “chic”, and “sexy” too much. Sorry but that’s how I patronize the brand. I won’t stop purchasing from Primadonna. If you’re a shoe lover like me, visit their stores so you’ll know what I’m talking about.
You can check their shoes at these branches:
SM Megamall, SM Fairview, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Landmark Trinoma, Landmark Makati, SM North Edsa, Market! Market!, SM San Lazaro, SM Novaliches, SM Sta. Mesa, SM Manila, Festival Mall, Robinsons Place Manila, Ali Mall, and Lucky Chinatown Mall.
Or you could also check their website and like them in facebook for more information and inquiries.
I hope you like my collections. I’ll be posting my ootd (outfit the day) one of these days sporting one of my Primadonna shoes :)

See you all again on my next entry :)


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