Monday, June 10, 2013

Shopping day

This is what I wore to the Crocs Mega Sale at the NBC Tent in Fort Bonifacio last June 2. Unfortunately, we were not able to get into the NBC Tent even if we arrived there at 9am. We can’t stood with gazillion people who were also trying their luck to get a pair of Crocs at 90% off even if we have a free entrance pass since my sister is a Citibank card holder. When we saw the people waiting for the gate to open, she decided to buy a pair of Crocs for me as her “post-graduation” gift at their main shop in Bonifacio High Street even if it’s not on sale. She chose to buy a 3k pair of Crocs rather than to join the cue and get only the Crocs slippers that were ONLY on sale. In addition to that, some sizes were not already available. Those Crocs were the excess that they were not able to sell before. Oh well, enough for the rants. Back to my main post.

How can you describe this outfit? Edgy? Casual? This is the first time I wore an aztec leggings and it’s somewhat uncomfy for me because I guess this outfit is not so me. But there’s no harm in trying. According to Fashion. What. Why. How. :

fashion helps us to show who we are and depict our personality in the terms of visual information. In the way we choosing clothes we show our attitude to world and other people. It is also some kind of communication. We put some of our personality at everything, how we behave at different situations, what we eat and which style of clothes we choose at shops. All the parts of it build the main stream of fashion. But in spite of our personality every person at the world have something in common. Even if it’s the smallest thing. All over the world there are a lot of people who have the same tastes, who choose the same food and trousers of the same kind. There are a lot of traits which build the fashion of today.”

I wore this because I was on a feeling of being simple yet fashionable. I have been a reader of our famous fashion bloggers in our country and they can really pulled off an outfit somewhat like this. And so, I tried to have this look but I don’t know if it this a YAY or NAY! What do you think?

Shoes: S&H
I already wore this pair of shoes here when I tried to pull a simple and casual Friday outfit. I am actually preparing myself to be simple since I’ll be working in a different world in a few months. I should start collecting shoes like this because I’ll be more on field work and working with new different set of technical people. Whew! This will be a milestone in my life and a challenge to take for me to grow as an individual. Thank you Papa J for giving me an opportunity like this!

Aztec Leggings: Dollhouse Co.

Sunnies: People are People (Robinsons Metroeast)

What's in my shopping loot bag?

1. Crocs (New Released)
2. Keep Clam and Be Pretty Muscle Tee - Suite Blanco
3. 4 pairs of earrings - Suite Blanco
4. Canon Ixus 310 HS

1. Crocs (New Released) - Since we were not able to go to Crocs Megasale in NBC Tent, we decided to stroll around Bonifacio High Street  and went to Crocs shop itself to look for my desired design. I opted this bulky pair of Crocs because it’s good for my super casual look most especially when doing groceries, visiting my 2 super adorbs nieces, and sporting my bowling-look attire. I first wear a pair of this when I was trying to fit my ate’s pairs of this design. I found it comfy on my feet plus I saw myself looking good on this during my lazy-day outfit. LOL!

I was so happy when I got this because this is their last pair of this design on my size. The saleslady told me that this is their best-seller design and it is easily consumed. I reckon I was just lucky that day and this design is really for me. LOL.
P.S. Thank you so much sis for this pair of Crocs. I’ll use this. Always.
2. Keep Calm and Stay Pretty Muscle Tee from Suite Blanco - 3. 4 pairs of Earrings from Suite Blanco
When my sister realized that we were just near SM Aura, we decided to have lunch there so we could visit the newly-opened mall. I’ve been reading a lot of articles about SM Aura and one of the articles that I’m really curious about is SUITE BLANCO.
Suite Blanco originated in Spain. The prices of their stuff range from Php150-2500 or more than. According to Filipino fashion bloggers, Suite Blanco is like Forever 21 in terms of value. They retail casual clothes up to semi-casual clothes. But of course, when you’re really good in mixing-and-matching, you can come up whatever look you could pull depends on your mood.
They also have shoes, bags, accessories, hats, wallets, and the likes. They also have men’s section in which my brother-in-law got 2 polo shirts for himself. Meanwhile, I got this Keep Calm and Stay Pretty Muscle Tee for Php799 and these 4 pairs of earrings for Php349 while my sister got 2 inner tops for Php600 and 1 blouse for Php799. How cool is that? Its all worth it, right?
This became my MANTRA everyday!
If you want to visit Suite Blanco, you can visit it at the ground floor of SM Aura, near Forever 21.
Taken inside the fitting room of suite Blanco. Just checking if this muscle tee fits me right. LOL! :)
P.S. What can you say about my full bangs?
4. Canon Ixus 310 HS
Most of my photos here in my blog were taken by my old Sony digital camera. I realized that digital camera’s actuations are also losing its life expectancy just like the DSLR. For some of you who are not photography-enthusiast, ACTUATIONS (or shutter counts) is the amount of photos your camera has taken. This is the number you see when you’re transferring your photos from your camera to your computer (for example: IMG_009). This is an upsetting thing for an avid photo taker to learn for the first time because it’s not something we know until we are told. Once the camera reached its shutter counts, photos will be noisy no matter how you adjust its settings.
This is what happened to my Sony camera. It already reached its shutter counts since I took photos even if it’s not worth it to click it for. HAHA.. Before, I loved taking photos randomly so I could have something to laugh about. But since I learned that shutter counts can also be reached to a digital camera, I stopped clicking it. I click it if there’s something to click about. I lose the enthusiasm in taking photos using my digital camera because of the noisy of my taken photos (though I still have my dslr to use) even if I adjust the settings many times.
So to stop my rants, I thought of buying a new digital camera but I’m just waiting for something. Surprisingly, as we were promenading within Bonifacio High Street, we passed by the Canon store and saw a signage of “50% off” and “0% in 6 months”. We immediately went inside of the store and had second thought of buying it. My sister helped me to decide which is which and I reckon that it was really a good buy. I got this digital camera in 50% off with 0% interest for 6 months. This Canon Ixus 310 HS sports a 12.1 megapixel that can give impressive low light performance and produce good image quality. Since I’m a fashion-conscious photographer, I opted to buy this to take my outfit shots even in low light. This touchscreen digital camera makes this camera more attractive and persuades an aspiring fashion blogger to get this. Canon Ixus 310 HS comes with different color. Unfortunately, there’s no color blue available in their store that’s why I went for this color since it looks elegant in my eyes. LOL!
Here are some of the photos of Canon Ixus 310 HS:

If you’re planning to buy a digital camera, go to Canon Bonifacio High Street branch so you could check their other digital cameras that are on sale. They’re on sale until supplies last.
So there you are. This is one of the moments that made my week followed by this and this. I don’t know how much thankful I am but I really feel so blessed. I can’t thank enough that I had a wonderful weekend like that. As I reflect before that weekend ends, I realized that everything fall into its right place. I reckon that the man above, gave me this kind of happiness in lieu of what I went through. Everything happens for a reason and He will not us let us drown in sadness and pain.