Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Black and gold

A lot of things are popping in my mind right now as I’m doing this post. I really don’t know what I’ll write first. I guess I will start with this and I hope everything will follow.

This is what I wore last Friday when I thought it was my last Friday at my current department. I was supposed to be transferred at the department where I can practice what I have finished regarding my graduate studies. I was waiting for them to talk to me since July will start by next week (or should I say it was already started) and I haven’t got any advise from them as regard to my status. I guess the last talk that I and my soon-to-be boss had was last June 7 when I passed a letter regarding our agreement in my case.

Black Longsleeves: Mango
Pants: Crissa Jeans

Belt: Herbench

Gold Flats: Wade

I tried to go to the office as early as 6:30 a.m. so I could take my outfit shots at our fire exit. Unfortunately, I hung out with friends the night before this and we ended our stories and fun talks at around 2:30 a.m. So my 6:30 a.m. became 7:45 a.m. How cool was that?

So instead of taking outfit shots in the gym, I decided to have it inside our boss’ room since she was on leave (sorry for including your room in the photos, Mam! I actually didn’t know where to take it! *teeheeeee*), I maximized the use of her room and pose whatever pose I can do just to have whatever outcome I could make for this day. I make sure every Friday to grab my old digital camera and snap it with whatever outfit I have.

Gold Chunky Necklace: keysas (instagram)

This gold chunky necklace is a good find for me. I actually saw something like this and bigger than this in Suite Blanco. However, I wasn’t able to buy the necklace. It wasn’t that I’m thrifty but I was just thinking if I could maximize the use of it since I’m not the type of person who invests so much in accessories. But then, I was constantly thinking about it and became fidget. I was just wishing at that time to find something like it in online stores even if it’s not the same as the one in Suite Blanco. Gladly, as I was browsing my instagram, I saw this necklace and immediately commented on the photo. I told myself that even how much would cost that necklace, I’ll still purchase it. I guess this design was really meant for me. The owner reserved the last piece of this and I felt so lucky about it. Thank you to Ms. Allyne for a very fast transaction. You just don’t know how happy I am with this!

Black-framed eyeglasses: People are People

It was already proven that I’m such a daddy’s girl. Daddy really looked for a pair of black-framed eyeglasses for me because he knows how much I need it for my edgy outfits! #supportivedad #spoiledkid

This is what I’m talking about. I maximized the use of my boss’ room for picture taking (oh gawd! My boss might smash me if she sees this! Kidding!) and I guess it works! HAHAHA…. I wanted to use other location for my outfit shots since all of it were always taken at our office mini gym. And look, I had free props to make my photos kind of creative! HAHAHAHA…..

I was really laughing after every photo was taken. It was kind of funny to use these law books as a means of props. Can you imagine me reading law book? Or should I say, can you picture me studying LAW? Oh gawd! NOOOOOO!!!!!! If I had major difficulties studying Environmental Management in a graduate school, how much MORE if LAW????!!!!! One big NOOOOOO (instead of ONE BIG FIGHT!). My social life will be gone and it’s like you’re killing me with no mercy!

FYI.. while I was doing my master’s project in graduate school, I was also studying LAW – environmental laws. Are you familiar with it? So in a way, I was also studying and analyzing law that could be a remedy to the problem of our industry because again, FYI, our industry is a major contributor to our country's economic growth. I was making resolutions as regard to Republic Acts in relation to our industry. I thought my topic was uncomplicated as it could be but I was wrong. I guess it was one of the most challenging parts of our economic problems that need deeper understanding on how to unravel it.

So much for geeky-ness. To end this post, I’ll finish this with my most “maarte” pose for the day: 

Because of my hangover and sleepyhead-ness, I finished the outfit-shot-taking with this. My photographer (Tita Remy!) asked me to pose beside the flower vase and made fun of me. Since we took this in an office hour, we need to hurry up and pretend that we were really busy with work. Honestly, I was feeling so bothered at that moment. I really didn’t know if I was sleepy, hungry, or restless. LESSON LEARNED: never ever have so-called “few” drinks with friends on a weekday! I can't do it anymore!

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