Saturday, February 2, 2013

02.02.13 : This is how I started my Saturday

It’s compre day for my bestfriend as well as for my 2 other classmates. In our MA program (Master in Environmental Management), we need to pass the last exam (compre exam) for us to present our master’s project. It’s the last step for us to graduate. And compre exam is not a written exam, by the way. It’s like a panel interview. You have to sit in front of 4 panels and you have to answer their questions verbally. So, I went to school just to support them because I know the feeling of having butterflies in stomach before entering the room with 4 panels. As I arrived at our department, I saw Raiza (my close friend) and Ate Weng (Environmental Science department’s secretary) thinking that Doy (my bestfriend) is already there. Unfortunately, I was the one who first arrived than him (as if I’ll be the one who’ll take the compre. DUH! HAHAHA....).  I decided to go to the project room to check the finished master’s project so I’ll have an idea on how to format my paper.
As I finished doing my errand, I immediately went up to check my bestfriend if he’s already there. Yehey! There goes my bestfriend wearing red polo shirt, light gray pants, and his favorite Sperry shoes. I kept making him relax by doing our usual trippin’ moments. I was making him laugh and make fun of me so he won’t get any bewilder feeling as soon as the time hit for his turn. As soon as Raiza finished her compre, I immediately gave a hug my bestfriend give him my encouragement words even if I know that he could pass it. I believe on my bestfriend’s strength and capacity to answer panel’s questions since he can relate all their questions with his works. By the way, my bestfriend is connected with Makati City Hall and he does lot of government work and our program is connected with government issues (most of it). So as we were waiting for him to finish his compre exam, I got to find to time to take photos of my friends. Hehe..
From my instagram: nostalgicmortal
This is Raiza’s aftermath photo. She was the one who’s hugging Nat (the one with the laptop). Raiza was the one who took the compre exam among 3. I think she got stressed with the questions that have been asked to her because according to one her panelists, all her answers were very limited. Compre exam can cause you mental block. Panels can make you confuse with your answers. Tip: be confident with your answers or else, you’ll be trap!
From my instagram: nostalgicmortal
(from left to right: Nat, yours truly, Ate Weng, James)
From my instagram: nostalgicmortal
(from left to right: Nat, Raiza, Ate Weng, James)
These are my favorite people. I never have to hide my true colors with them. They accepted me for who I am and they guided me during the time of astonishing tears caused by pain and disappointment. They were there for me during ups and downs and they never fail to give me good advice to lead me on the right path. I’m so thankful that God sent them to me at the right time. They also never fail to fade my tears and sorrows if ever I reminisce everything that happened to me. I won’t trade them for anything. I also realized that God took someone from me because He doesn’t want these people to get distance from me because God knows who I really need in my life.
From my instagram: nostalgicmortal
Yours truly and my bestfriend

Finally, this my bestfriend, Doy. I so love this person even if sometimes he annoys me! HAHAHA.... there’s one thing I won’t ever forget what he said to me.. “You’ll never ever get bad in my eyes because that’s who you are. Whatever you do, you’ll always be the nicest girl to me”. awwww.... I was in tears at that time. I realized that there’s still someone who accepts me for who I am. Even if when I smoke; get drunk to the point of puking already; dress up like I’ll always be photographed; even if I always grumbling because I don’t want to walk under the sun nor walk in muddy road; he still loves me for who I am. He’s the only person whom I heard telling me that to me personally and despite for who I really am, he stays true to me. If he doesn’t like something with me, he tells me straight to my face. That’s why I love this gay! I’ll treasure him for the rest of my life and I won’t stop supporting him in whatever he does. I’ll always be there for him through thick and thin.
This is how I started my day. I started it with support and love for the ones I treasure the most. I thank God for such a blessing like them. God never fails! He’s witty. He knows who and what to give you. He saved me from the wrong one and sent me the right ones. Everything happens for a reason. I already planned something but God didn’t let me pursue it because He wants something better for me. He might not give the love of my life now but I know He’ll give me the best people whom I can rely on anytime.
Thank you, Papa J!

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