Monday, March 3, 2014

I can see happiness in Black & White

A person learns from failure than from success and failure shouldn’t be a hindrance towards success because it builds ones’ character. I always ask for strength from the Man up above and guess what.. He gave me difficulties to make me stronger. I came across countless of gruesome challenges and even number of heartbreaks because of the stubbornness that my family and loved ones always reminding me. It’s not wrong to run after what makes you happy but it’s also your responsible of what will be the upshot of every choice that you’ll make.

They say everything happens for a reason. That’s one thing that really stuck in my head. Every time I feel bad for myself, I always think of it the other way around. Being negative about the things around us doesn’t make us feel good. Chill. Everything too shall pass. All negative circumstances are just temporary but being happy should be permanent. If one door closes, another one opens. It takes time but it will surely worth the wait.
G-SHOCK ILLUMINATOR: @ishop4less (Instagram)

NECKLACE:  Bazaar at World Trade Center
When things go wrong, always remember that it won’t always be that way. Settling negative circumstances should be taken one step at a time and we should always start settling the most little thing that affects the negativity because we will realize when it starts descending everything into the right place. It takes time to realize everything but that’s how the world revolves around the protons and electrons in the universe. If you keep on dwelling on the negativities around you, it will surely be attracted to you even more. So choose to dwell with it lightly but surely.

On the other hand, when things go right, always remember that it won’t also stay that way always. So we should always cherish and enjoy every great moment that we have because it will only roll up to us once in our lifetime. Always believe that something wonderful is bound to happen each and every day as we deal numerous things in our daily life. No one is entitled for our own happiness except us and so we should always make the most out of it. Life is too short to dwell on too much negativity. Let’s love every minute of staying alive and enjoy the life that God has given to us because life features the challenges that can transform us into someone we never expected to be. We learn from failures than success. Failure shouldn't be a hindrance in attaining our success because failure builds one’s character. I also believe that one of the most courageous decisions we’ll ever make is to finally let go of what is hurting our heart and soul. That starts our happiness.
BELT: Nava
 TOP: Bazaar
PANTS: Belle York

So before I end this very scholastic post, I would like to thank my photographer, Patrick of 3ckshot, for making these photos look good even if we had little time of taking these outfit shots as he used Camera360 application from my Samsung Note 2.

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