Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Out and About: January 2014

These photos were taken during my birthday last January 4 at Prime Upscale Club in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. I wasn’t supposed to celebrate my birthday at the said club but because of the electrifying remixes that dj’s offer to their crowd plus the laser lights that pass to everyone’s reflection as the crowd gets free and wild, I can’t resist to give it a shot and hit the dance floor with my coolest friends in town.

Presenting.. Our most favourite to invite during our out and about! Say hello to Mr. Jack Daniel’s!

I love how my friends support me in everything I do. I love how they let me feel that it’s okay to fall down because they are just there to back me up even if we don’t see that much. I love how they accept for who I am as well as my choices in all aspect in life. Yes, we may have “inisan” and “tampuhan” but it all ends there. We’re still friends after all. I love them and they are the coolest and truest friends in town!
P.S. I want to extend my gratitude to Aireen and Joy for taking photos for me. All these photos came from their iphones except for the cap photo.

A snapback cap from Hongkong as a surprised gift from my beloved childhood friends, Joy and John. I remember when I told John that I’ll ask him to buy a Hurley snapback cap for me when he return a visit in the U.S. because I got to like to wear his cap when I still have that Rapunzel hair. Surprisingly, the moment when Joy and John landed their plane here in Manila from Hongkong, Joy texted me that they have a gift for me that I’ll surely like it. When we were about to go tour destination on this night, they handed me this but unfortunately, I can’t wear it since it didn’t match my outfit. LOL! But hey, I was really happy because there were these 2 of my closest friends who really know me so well.

Post-birthday celebration of one of my party buddies at en Route Distillery in Timog, Quezon City. Hello there Chiela Mae! I can’t resist not going to her birthday celebration even if she wasn’t able to go to my party because of some reason (inserting upset emoticon here!) but because of the post-birthday gift that she was giving to me (that I wasn’t able to take photo of it), I opted to party with her and get a lil bit inebriated (LOL!).

Say hello to the 2 photo bombers! LOL!

This girl is one of the people who I really treasure the most and she’s one of the people who never gets tired of listening to my random burst of emotions (I know that you know what I’m talking about if you’re reading this!). LOL!

I love it when my friends are always on-the-go with gimmick. Actually, they saved me from the misery that I felt that night. Without them, I won’t be those one of the people who does “put yo’, put yo’ hands up” while having a bond with Mr. Jack Janiel’s and Mr. San Miguel Light. I love how happy we were despite of the circumstances that I and Joy had. But I really thank these guys for coming over at en Route Distillery that night. Without you guys, I'll be left alone even if I was with group of people.

Thank you Chiela for tagging these photos from the photographer of en Route Distillery.


This is one epic night or should I call it a “well-celebrated” gimmick night at Reserve Liquor Lounge in Julia Vargas, Ortigas. This night out is one for the books. I can’t stop thinking about what happened this night but truly, I can’t stop laughing about it. LOL!

This happened last Friday of the month and it was Chinese New Year. I never had any plans of going out because I really wanted to rest from liquors and parties. Choi, my ever dearest sweetie, invited me at the very last minute to go out with them since going to Reserve was really a plan since September of last year. So I said “yes” to her invite, freshened up, grabbed my dress, and finally put on my make-up. I was really hesitant to wear heels that night because of so many reasons. I had to park beside City Golf where Reserve is because it’s always on full parking so I had to walk on an uphill pathway. So I decided to wear flats instead but I also brought my heels if ever I change my mind to wear it.

These dudes are really hard-drinkers. Getting inebriated isn’t in their dictionary. That’s why I was so surprised when I realized that I was the last woman standing among us. HAHAHAHA…… At last, I already saw them what I go through when I’m in their shoe. That was the first time I take care of dudes and see how funny they were under the influence of Mr. Jack Daniel’s. LOL! 

Actually, this was the first time again to see Choi since September of last year. Actually, not only Choi but all of them. I feel the excitement everytime I see her because of the humor that makes me feel at ease with her. Every time I go out with her, she always makes sure that I’m alright. She always checks that even without her presence, there’s someone who will keep an eye on me. That’s how sweet she is when it comes to me.

These are my friends from our village. I feel so safe when I’m with them because I know that I’m in good hands. Each one of them makes me feel secured and they never take their eyes away from me. This is what I love about them. I can’t remember how all these things started but I’m so grateful that I have friends like them. They are through thick and thin. Rain or shine, good or bad, I know that I can always rely to them. If you guys reading this, thank you so much for everything. Even in the worst situation, you’re all there to support and make me feel that I’m not alone. Thank you so much for defining to me what a “friend” really means.

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