Thursday, January 23, 2014

Black Kimono Fashion

I started reading fashion blogs last 2011 since photography and online shops bloomed in social network industry. I never imagined that I will get hook on this until I found myself reading tons of fashion blogs before I lay myself on paper works in the morning and before I go to sleep at night. In line with that, I also started buying different stuff from online shops since it is hassle-free for me, that even if I am just sitting in a coffee shop or resting myself from the papers of our stockholders, I can still shop without stressing myself from traffic and mass of people that I have to deal with in the mall. I just have to check their albums, inquire my chosen product, send an order form, make payment option, deliver the item, then tadah!!!!! My chosen item is already with me. See what advantages an online shop can do for shoppers like me!

 I never get sick and tired of reading fashion blogs and see how fashion bloggers make poses. If you ask people who I really am, they will tell you this with matching hilarious facial expression, “naku, wag mong papakitaan ng camera yan. Magpopose yan ng magpopose!” It is not that I imitate fashion bloggers’ poses. I have this blog because I want to present myself to the world who I really am and I want to show you what my passion really is. I am who I am. This is how I express myself – through FASHION. I may not be good intellectually but this is all I can show you. I am starting to do this because this is what I love, this is what in my heart.

When I checked Ms. Charlene Ajose's blog, I saw her photoshoot in collaboration with Fash Ion F Inders. That was the time I saw this Kimono top but I opted not to purchase this. Instead, I purchased other stuff and surprisingly, they have a 10% discount on shipping plus a surprise gift if I buy 2 items. So I checked again their album to see if I can still purchase one but still, I didn’t opt to buy this top. After I sent an order form, I asked her about Ms. Charlene. I already talked to Ms. Charlene via email because I was inquiring about the layout on my blog (by the way, Ms. Charlene is not only a blogger. She is also a nursing student and a layout artist. See how great she is in pursuing her passion!). I saw her in Trinoma 2 to 3 months ago and she was quite near to me. I was about to say hi to her but I was too shy to greet her. That is how Ms. Cris of Fash Ion F Inders and I started the conversation. Then I also mentioned to Ms. Cris that I wanted to engage in fashion through blogging since I am fond of buying stuff from online shops and make poses. She encouraged me to chase my dream. I never imagined how someone who does not know me personally could give me confidence and support in doing this craft. So when I received the items that I bought from her, I was really surprised that the items that I kept on asking her if those were still available will arrive to me for FREE. I guess those 2 items for FREE were the surprise gift that she has been telling to me. Teeeeeheeeee.....

                                           BLACK INNER TOP:  Mango

I ended my 2013 with a wish. I hardly wished for something, and that is to pursue my passion. I believe that doing what makes you happy will lead you to success. Perhaps some of you are laughing at me, whispering ear to ear about how trying hard I am on getting on this craft. But for me, I will not ask for a spotlight or a name to be included in the internet and newspapers. Doing my passion is enough and I would like to thank all the people who build my confidence to start. Ms. Cris, if you are reading this, you know how much thankful I am for the confidence that you are bringing to me. Thank you so much for the support and trust that you gave me even if we do not know each other. I can’t thank you enough! Really! I promise to continue this even if criticisms are about to come my way and I won’t stop on doing this. I will do my very best for this blog to be better. Thank you so much!

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