Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Challenges: It's what makes us who we are today

CARDIGAN (old): Folded & Hung
Sometimes in our lives, we need to make choices that we think best for us. Maybe those choices could hurt people but it’s the best way to save them from unwanted circumstances or maybe we’re not yet ready to commit to a “yes” because of some personal reasons that people don’t understand it. Some people say “yes” and just go with flow and see what the fate could bring them. But for me, most of the time I say “no” because I’m not yet fulfilled with what I have right now because I believe that this life that has given me has more to offer in which some people won’t accept what truly inside my heart. Everything has its perfect timing. We can’t force it to happen because the outcome won’t be as good as what we’re expecting and that’s what I've been trying to explain to people who don’t understand me.

Challenges molded me as to whom and what I am right now. I never thought that I could survive the most challenging part of my history. I believe in the saying “everything has a purpose”. Sometimes it makes us to be someone whom we thought we couldn't be and most of the time, it breaks us so we could learn from what we experience which is not right. The road that I've taken wasn't easy. Believe me. I guess it was the worst scenario one could ever have. Time flies so fast but the memories are still sticking to the board full of life lessons. I’m not academically good. I failed in my tests and recitations during my elementary and high school days and it equalized to the life lessons that I learned with those challenges.

I don’t judge people because I don’t want to be judged. I don’t have the right to criticize how other people act as they are because they have their own reasons why they choose to be as what and who they are. Sometimes, my patience comes to the boiling point of getting pissed off because of how insensitive people are. They keep on cracking words that they don’t think it could break people’s heart. I wish I could also be like them so I could also guard my ego but unfortunately, I couldn't do it because I don’t want to hurt them most especially when I consider a person very dear to me. But that’s the challenge – to hold my emotion of getting infuriated.
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When those unwanted circumstances welcomed me, I honestly pushed the button of giving up. But what changed my mind was the people who truly care for me. I came to a realization then that God gives you the people you need instead of the people you want. God is there to provide what is necessity for us because He knows what’s best for us. He’ll let us experience first some adversities in order for us to be prepared for the upcoming events in lieu of a favor. Let’s admit that we’re only human and we keep on asking about the existence of God. But did you ever tried to look at the brighter side of every circumstance that happened to you? Try to look at the positive side of the situation and be optimistic. It may be difficult in the beginning but you’ll thank God that it happened.

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