Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Random Thoughts

This is the smart casual outfit that I wore when we had our birthday lunch in our head office. Normally, celebrants for the month do cheap in to treat everyone a catering lunch so it won’t be too painful for our pockets to shed a one-time-big-time birthday treat. For January celebrants, we were 3 who threw a grand birthday lunch to our fellow colleagues. LOL!

So 3 of my problems why I can’t continue fashion blogging. These are:

1.   No one can take my outfit shots inside and outside office.
2.  I can’t take out my DSLR because no one knows how to use it or if there is, it is the bosses who know how to use it well. So I always opt to use my Samsung Note 2 and my digital camera.
3.  I can’t have my outfit shots because we have office uniform from Mondays-Thursdays and we only have a 1-day wash day which is Friday.

How to deal with these 3? Please advise me what to do so! Anyway, thank you so much in advance!

So my outfit photos were taken in our mini gym. I know lighting is very important for taking outfit shots but again, I can’t make poses just like that in places where they could give me weird stares since my colleagues aren't that open-minded and modern. Haha.. (hashtag #problemsincorporateworld) so I always find a place wherein people won’t see me posing and doing some “weird” acts because it makes them wonder what I’m doing at such specific time in a professional place. And I just realized that I could give my whole energy in posing in front of the mirror. It served as good props and at the same time, I didn't struggle in hitting poses for my photographer’s sake.

There are a lot of thoughts that are popping in my head as I’m writing this. There are so many things that incorporate this post because lessons came from good and worst situations and pieces of advice from the oldies were running at the moment of taking these outfit shots.


Random thought # 1: Fashion does not need to be expensive. I really do love shopping (and I guess every girl does!). I always check online shops in facebook and instagram and what makes me happy is when they are on sale. I also love shopping in bazaars, Divisoria, and Greenhills. You could see items there in cheaper tags compared to regular mall prices in which the designs are just the same. Agree or disagree? If you’re going to buy in an online shop, ask first the dimension of the item whether it is a top, a pair of pants or shorts so you could check if it really fits your body type. Sometimes their sizes are not the same as your regular clothing size. Their medium size can’t be the same as your regular medium size. Some online shops have smaller sizes most especially when it comes to shorts and pants. Their medium size can’t be your regular medium size so you have to make it large so it will fit you well. And as for the payment transaction, the buyer may settle their payment thru bank deposit and once the seller checked their banks, items that you purchased may be delivered afterwards. See how convenient it is to buy in online shops!

Mostly, bazaars are the ones who have online shops. It is better to buy in bazaars so you could check the quality of the item as well as the size that fits you. Most of the owners of online shops make their items a way cheaper than its regular price and they are releasing some of the items that they haven’t posted on facebook or instagram. Most bazaars are held in Eton Centris Quezon Avenue, NBC Tent, World Trade Center, etc. You could join their facebook group or read fashion blogger’s blog so you’ll be informed regarding the dates and venues of the bazaars.

Most people love to shop in Divisoria. Why? Have you been there? Aside from bundle and tons of people buying and selling there, what did you notice? The CHEAP price! Right?! A lot cheaper in bazaar, mall, and online shops prices! You just have to know HOW and WHAT to buy. HOW – one should know how to ask for a lower price. In tagalog, “dapat marunong kang TUMAWAD”. WHAT - one should have the skill of looking for a “good” find in a cheaper price. For example, the pair of black pants that I wore here costs Php280 but I asked for a lower price and the owner of the store gave it to me for Php250. But when I checked the store beside the store where I bought my black pants, the owner was giving it to me for Php350 and the last price was Php330. But the quality of the item that I bought for Php250 was really perfect for me. The fabric is soft so I’m not getting easily irritated. I was really happy with this pair of black pants because it is exactly what I’m looking for. Also, you can buy accessories there at Php100 for 3 earrings like the earrings that I’m wearing in the photo while the silver necklace costs Php150 compared to online shops that sells Php300 for this.

I also shop in branded stores, by the way. It is just that, sometimes I’m too lazy to get up, pick my car key, and fight with the bumper-to-bumper traffic to swipe my credit card for good finds. I’m quite far from malls that have my favourite stores like Forever21, Cotton on, Uniqlo, Suiteblanco, and the likes. But whenever I get an opportunity to shop at my favourite stores, I really shop!

P.S. How do you like my UNBRANDED outfit, by the way?

Random thought # 2: You CAN’T avoid disappointments and get hurt in the least unexpected situation. For some reason, I was really hurt by what happened few weeks back. I know to myself that I did everything for the sake of work but what was reciprocated to me was a big shock. I was really clueless with what I did. But nothing I can do with that. All I can do is to accept every decision that has been made and sign whatever I need to sign since I’m just NOBODY in this world. Maybe I tried too hard to push myself where I am in because this is the only thing that provides my needs and wants and since I pushed myself too hard to get myself belonged in this world, people abused my weakness and stepped onto my dignity.

On the other hand, to make myself better, I opted to look at it on the other way around. Everything has a purpose. I do believe that what happened to me has a good return. Maybe, this job isn't for me. There’s something better for me for tomorrow’s benefit. Or maybe, the Man up above need to give me such situation like this because He is doing a way for me to learn and to make what's in my heart come true.

HEELS: People are People

Random thought # 3: Respect yourself FIRST if you want people to respect you. According to this site“lack of self-respect can prevent you from fulfilling your potential and developing healthy relationships that DON’T devolve into power struggles”. Every time I open myself to the people who are very dear to me, this is the first advice that they always give me. No one is entitled for my own happiness except myself. If a situation isn’t making me grow and happy, then that’s the time I should let go of it. If someone isn’t treating me the way I don’t deserve, then that’s the time I should turn my back on it. And when I turn my back on it, I should never look back and never pick up the pieces that have been broken. Those were the slices of guidance that I need to learn by heart and mind. I should know my worth as a person because each one of us should be treated the way it should be. If I let go unnecessary circumstances and emotions in my life, then my life will be on a smooth sailing journey.

Most of all, the best thing I learned about “SELF-RESPECT”:

"Get to know yourself. The more you understand about yourself, the more you'll see and appreciate how unique you really are, and the more you'll respect yourself. Discover your principles, personality, and talents. Stop pandering to other people's approval and start developing your own standards. Someone else might respect a fancy title, but you might respect creativity. Whose opinion matters more, in this case?"

When it comes to talents, apparently, I’m still discovering it. I’m seriously into fashion and I guess it already shows. I want myself to get involved in fashion and I’m seriously praying for it. I won’t ask for fame. I just want to do my passion. I don’t want to be on spotlight. I just want to show the world what my passion really is and that’s FASHION. If everything will go well, then I’ll be thankful enough for whatever fashion will offer to me. But if not, I’ll still be thankful enough that somehow, I was given an opportunity to show who I really am. Fashion bloggers are big inspiration to me. I’m inspired by their looks and how they evolved in the world of fashion. I also love reading fashion blogs and magazines and afterwards, I’ll check my wardrobe and think of ideas on how and what to mix and match as seen on them.

It is one of the reasons why I have this blog. I stopped blogging for quite a while but since I want to find my talent, maybe this blog could help me. I want to find myself busy with my passion as well because I believe that FASHION will make me happy inside and outside.

So here they are! Sorry for making this post so long. Photos will be better little by little as I go along with this blog. Maybe, I could ask from you the tips on how to have a better fashion blog?! Can I? Oh well, thank you in advance!

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