Saturday, July 6, 2013

Proof of the beginning of success

In relation to this post, I only got these photos last June 29 from the official photographer since all graduation photos were only released on June 1st. Don’t think of me as overweening this kind of feat but I’m just being proud of passing through obstacles behind this cash cow. I know what’s in your head. Like, “okay Lyn.. here we go again.. Ateneo, Ateneo! We knew that you studied and graduated in Ateneo de Manila University. You have Masters Degree! You already! So stop it.. PLEASE???!!!!”. I knew it, okay? I’m just being proud of whom I turned out to be and realized something that made me a better person. Yes, BETTER! You have read it and I guess you know what “BETTER” means? Right? If you’ll compare me who I am before and now, I guess you’ll be surprise. I’ve changed a lot – physically, MENTALLY, spiritually, and socially. I don’t know why but this thing that I thought was so IMPOSSIBLE to gain was so memorable and I reckon that my guide up above made a very good way for me to be at the right path. All moments, experiences, challenges, trials, and the people who came were perfectly encompassed in the situation that I never expected me to be in. This, I mean the whole thing within graduate studies and graduate school, gave me the IMPORTANCE of everything in LIFE. When I say “EVERYTHING IN LIFE”, I mean, it’s UNIVERSAL lessons that a human can be understood without further explanation.

I can’t explain the happiness that I felt during this moment. I love how my parents got so excited when they knew that I’ll be graduating on March 2013. The smile on their face was really undeniable. They never expected that I would come this far since I was not really a good student when I was in elementary and highschool. I had failing grades most especially in math and science and I couldn’t believe that what I’m dealing now is as technical as math and science computation that a student like me could ever do.

People were really surprised when they knew that I came to this far. I was one of the students who always our teachers talked to because I was giving priority to my volleyball craft rather than academics. But well, world evolves. Sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down. Maximize the moment of being in up and be prepared of getting down. No one knows when the ground is about to pull us down.

Hello from me! Giving you my sweetest smile for the beginning of my success. Behind this smile were the things that made me tougher and braver. I already faced the most crucial episode in my life. Pains and heartbreaks were already passed. I reckon that this is the alteration of everything and I bet, the man up above concur about this. High five, Papa J! *wink*

The moment when the School of Science and Engineering Dean called my name and when Fr. Jose Villarin, S.J., University President, handed my diploma and shook our hands, the whole semesters of taking Master in Environmental Management (from June 2009 - March 2013) were being reminisced and realized how much strength I was able to put into it just to do better than myself. One of the best speeches that I’ve ever heard was from our University’s President, Fr. Jose Villarin S.J. and I reckon that his speech will not ever be forgotten by me. He delivered a very emotional yet intellectual speech with sharp pieces of advice that an Atenean must have. That was the moment when I felt being in a prestigious school like Ateneo de Manila University and being an Atenean will always be imprinted in my heart and mind FOREVER.

They say the only revenge that you could ever give to those who hurt you is a MASSIVE SUCCESS. The people who have hurt were already forgiven but not forgotten. So I have something for you guys that I guess you won’t value it as much as I really value what is behind it. Hello to my success of earning this. You guys were my inspiration in attaining this. This was not the beginning, but the start of my success. Everything fell into the right place when you guys cleared the air and I was really happy when I got to breathe a perfect air that one could ask for more.

I’m a proud Batch 2013 graduate and a proud passenger of Ateneo de Manila University Airline Flight 013!

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